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50 Years of Sponsored Walks


The start of each new school year brings forth new adventures for every girl: new teachers, new classes, new challenges. But for Kent College girls each September comes with a new type of adventure: the Annual Sponsored Walk. This year marks the 50th anniversary of excessive blisters (at least you looked good getting them), staff checkpoints and gorging on energy drinks.

I reached out to Old Girls and some of KC’s most faithful staff members to find out about any particular sponsored walks they remembered. Mr Ashton filled me in on the year the whole school was karted down to the school's old site in Folkestone in minibuses which he described as a “really lovely day”, as they got to walk up and down the seafront. Mrs Hambleton mentioned about a year when "many girls dressed up as fairies with pink wigs” and another year when everyone was “bussed to the Ashdown forest area, listening to music and eating lots of sweets.”

Alison Smith, a KC old girl, told me that 30 years ago “The walk was 25 miles and we didn’t come back for lunch. We had to take our packed lunch with us and eat it on the way. We were also expressly forbidden to go into pubs to use the toilets! Like today, though, we did raise money for our school charities. It was always a memorable day.” I had refrained from mentioning the year someone took down all of the arrows, leaving near enough the whole school stranded in the middle of the countryside. Many did not make it back until 6pm, but let’s leave that one out of the history books.

Posted: 20/12/2017 at 13:21
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