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TAG: What's New
Public Speaking
Added: 22.06.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New
On Tuesday, 20th June, SpeakersTrust visited Kent College to give training to the Year 9’s in the art of speaking and presenting.
Joint Anglican-Methodist Confirmation.
Added: 20.06.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New
We were delighted to host our annual joint Anglican-Methodist confirmation service on Sunday.
Fabulous IAPS Athletes!
Added: 16.06.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New  Sport
What a fantastic day for our Year 5,6,7 and 8 athletes!
Author visits Kent College Pembury
Added: 16.06.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New
Julia Golding is a multi-award winning writer for young people and girls from Years 5 and 6 joined Senior School pupils at a fantastic presentation about her Cat Royal series of books.
IAPS national champions
Added: 14.06.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New  Sport
Kent College Pembury excelled at the National IAPS Triathlon Championships at Dulwich Prep School in Kent on Sunday 11th June.
Boarding Weekend 10th June
Added: 13.06.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New  Boarding Life
On Saturday night the junior boarders camped outside in the glorious Kent College grounds.
Help Your Children Through Exams
Added: 12.06.2017   |  Tags:  Sixth Form Blog  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
Key to this is the development of a “growth mindset”, a concept most strongly advocated by the developmental psychologist Professor Carol Dweck.
General Election
Added: 06.06.2017   |  Tags:  Sixth Form Blog  Latest News  What's New
Ahead of the General Election, three girls from either Year 3 or 6, team up with a Lower Sixth Politics student to deliver their own party manifestos.
2017-2018 School Officers Announced
Added: 15.05.2017   |  Tags:  Sixth Form Blog  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New  Boarding Life
On Friday 12th May we celebrated the achievements of our outgoing School Officer team and welcomed our newly appointed team for 2017-2018.
Champions at BSGA National Finals
Added: 11.05.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New  Sport
Our Acrobatic Gymnastics Under-11s Group crowned British Champions 2017
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