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Academic Excellence


At Kent College we want our girls to discover an individual love of learning through a broad but also bespoke learning experience.

All girls have access to a very broad curriculum from Year 7, enabling them to discover where their passions lie. Every girl will experience Latin, Drama, Art, Textiles, Music, and Computer Science, alongside core subjects have the opportunity to study two modern languages, with a choice of French, German or Spanish.

We offer even more breadth at GCSE, with subjects like Economics and Classical Civilisation being added to the mix. Some girls will also study Dance GCSE or Ancient Greek, or Further Mathematics. Uniquely, we give the girls a very free choice of options, with the timetable structured around the girls’ choices, not the other way round. By the time girls reach the Sixth Form, an even wider range of subjects is on offer, with many girls studying Psychology, Photography, Politics and History of Art.

Results at GCSE and A-Level are excellent, with a significant number of our girls achieving the highest grades. Hidden behind each grade is the significant value that Kent College has added. Last year, on average, Kent College girls achieved one grade higher than predicted for every GCSE that they sat. How is this achieved? Small class sizes and a growth mindset approach do have a role to play, but most important are the excellent relations our staff build with the girls. When a girl knows she is seen as an individual, a love of learning readily follows.


Posted: 17/10/2018 at 12:40
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