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Year 7 ended their first year in Senior School on a high in Ashburnham. Even though it was the end of the year, the girls managed to find enormous stores of energy as they excitedly participated in a range of outdoor activities. The Adventure Plus team expertly guided the girls in raft building, mountain biking, bush craft, kayaking and canoeing, to name a few! We were extremely fortunate to have wall to wall sunshine for the week, which allowed the girls to spend every waking hour outside in the fresh air. The girls didn't need much persuasion to go to bed by the second night! A fantastic trip was had by all, and some precious memories were made, which the girls will undoubtedly keep forever. 

1. Ashburnham1
2. Ashburnham2
3. Ashburnham3
4. Ashburnham4
5. Ashburnham5
6. Ashburnham6
7. Ashburnham7
8. Ashburnham8
9. Ashburnham8
10. Ashburnham9
11. Ashburnham10
12. Ashburnham11
13. Ashburnham12
14. Ashburnham13
15. Ashburnham14
16. Ashburnham15
17. Ashburnham15
18. Ashburnham16
19. Ashburnham17
20. Ashburnham18
21. Ashburnham18
22. Ashburnham19
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Posted: 18/07/2017 at 10:51
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