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Today's ever changing global business world presents fascinating opportunities for learning. The Edexcel A Level Business course is built around a core entrepreneurial theme building knowledge of core business concepts and applying them to business contexts to develop a broad understanding of how business work. In the second year of study there are opportunities to develop more strategic views of business opportunities and issues presented in the  Global context. The main focus of this course is discovering a range of global business situations and being able to apply the new concepts and ideas learnt in class to these situations. Students are encouraged to participate in the Young Enterprise Scheme which will give them the opportunity to create and manage a new business which they would have created and developed as part of a team.  The Young Enterprise Scheme allows students to gain valuable practical experience, working and competing with groups of students from other local schools involved in the scheme.

Career Opportunities

This course will prepare students for any career choice as today’s society requires an understanding of the principles of business.  This course and subsequent study could lead to a vast array of career choice, including business management, marketing, advertising, media, financial management, accounting, business law, human resource management, banking, retailing in the public or private sector.

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