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Government and Politics


Government and Politics is a fascinating and fluid subject that challenges ideas about how democracy works.  By studying this subject at A-Level, Sixth-Formers will learn how government and politics operate, in theory and practice, in the UK and the USA. They will complete a comparative analysis between the two democratic systems, and will address such thorny issues as the impacts and implications of Brexit, the Johnson premiership and the Trump presidency. What do our current democracies look like and can they survive in our ‘hyper-partisan’ and ‘post-truth’ political cultures?

Core political ideologies such as Conservatism, Liberalism, and Socialism are also critically examined and contrasted with another highly influential idea of our time: Multiculturalism. Overall, students gain a keen sense of the types of issues that are confronting our modern times, and the sorts of characters and ideas that are gaining traction influencing the debates that are increasingly consuming us. There has never been a better time to study politics.

Sixth-Formers will develop research skills and engage in independent study.   They are encouraged to challenge their own beliefs, and to develop further their skills of empathy and persuasive argument. They will learn how to approach short structured questions, how to study stimulus material, and how to structure analytical essays all of which will put them in good stead for life beyond Kent College.

Unique to Kent College, Sixth-Formers have 47/7/365 access to a dedicated online learning environment where they can find and exploit a huge range of resources. For example, every lesson for every part of the course is found there alongside countless videos, podcasts, articles, exam past-papers, question HOWTOs, and other downloads available at the touch of a mouse. Revision tools top off this high-class resource.

Government and Politics is a natural partner to many other A-Level subjects as the skills and knowledge gained are applicable in many other areas.

Course Content

Paper One: Government and Politics of the UK.

Paper Two: Government and Politics of the USA and Comparative Politics.

Paper Three: Political Ideas (including Liberalism, Socialism, Conservatism and Multiculturalism).



Examining Board: AQA.  Each Unit carries 33.3 of the final A-Level mark.  Sixth-Formers are required to answer 3 short questions, one extract piece, and a more expansive essay in each of the 3 two-hour examinations.  There is no coursework for A-Level Government and Politics

Career Opportunities

The study of Government and Politics provides an excellent pathway into any degree or career which requires individuals to be able to write and think analytically.  Since Sixth-Formers learn to cultivate a synoptic viewpoint—drawing materials from any part of the politics course—they are well equipped to contribute intelligently in contemporary debate. Government and Politics ensures that Sixth-Formers leave compulsory full-time education as informed and critical global citizens—increasingly recognised as an essential quality in higher education and the workplace. Government and Politics A-Level is accepted as an entry subject by the top UK universities as the skills gained provide an excellent foundation for undergraduate and postgraduate study.

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