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The Mathematics Department at Kent College aims to provide a supportive, enjoyable and stimulating environment where students are inspired to achieve. The relevance of Mathematics to everyday life is emphasised, as well as the importance of Mathematics to many careers.

AS/A2 level Mathematics and Further Mathematics

An A level or AS level in Mathematics develops skills in logical thinking and the ability to process information accurately.  There are very few degree subjects for which these skills would not be useful.  For instance, degrees in Medicine, Architecture, the Sciences and the Social Sciences, including Accountancy and Business Administration, all have some mathematical content, so students with an AS or A level in Mathematics will find such subjects more accessible.

Mathematics also complements and assists the understanding of a number of A level subjects, such as Psychology, which has a statistical content, Geography, the Sciences and Economics and Business Studies.

The A level Mathematics course comprises six modules. There are four compulsory Pure Mathematics modules. The two other modules taken are normally Statistics 1 and Mechanics 1.

In addition to Mathematics,  it is possible to take an AS or A level in Further Mathematics. 

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