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The Art Department at KC offers exciting opportunities to girls who wish to use creative visual images as a form of expression. Our aim is to offer students a broad fine-art visual vocabulary, making it possible for them to realise their ideas, and to complete visually powerful and technically sound results.

Course Content


A-Level Art is a two-year subject for girls who are creative and have imaginative minds.  The subject can be challenging but is extremely rewarding.  Girls who intend to study A-Level Art would usually be expected to have grade 6 or above at GCSE level.  Those who are accepted onto the course will have the opportunity to express their ideas in a wide range of two- and three-dimensional media and will explore the artistic possibilities of varied approaches, from observational study to abstract art.  An important emphasis is placed on the creative process, with Sixth-Formers required to provide ample evidence of the evolution of their ideas.  The course requires students to be aware of the constant development of thinking which takes place in the visual arts.  It is expected that girls will understand the importance of studying the work of other artists and art from other cultures.  Work in the studio is enhanced by visits to galleries and exhibitions.

 The course comprises two units:

  • Personal Investigation (60%) including a written related study
  • Externally set task (40%)


Career Opportunities

 The most usual route for Kent College girls planning a career in Art and Design is as follows:

  • A good grade at GCSE level
  • A-Level Art
  • A foundation course at a College of Art
  • A degree course in a specific area of Art or Design
  • Employment


Successful girls go on to careers in areas such as fine art, graphic design, industrial design, fashion, textiles, furniture design, interior design, ceramics, illustration, film, animation, photography and architecture.

Girls who consider continuing to art college will be helped and advised in the creation of a portfolio suitable to their application/course, application statement, reference and interview technique. 80% of the A-Level cohort of 2018 achieved A to A*. The department has a very strong record of girls gaining their first choice of destination to art college.


Housed in the iconic Susanna Wesley Library & Arts Centre, which opened in March 2013, the Kent College Art department occupies three large and light-filled studios which include separate working areas for GCSE and A level pupils. Those taking Art at the highest level have an individual working space allocated for the duration of the two year course. This allows them to work during their free lessons as well as after school.

There is a spacious Art Resources area which combines the extensive collection of department books with an open gallery and computer area. Adobe Photoshop is available on the school network. Students also have access to high definition digital cameras as part of their recording work. Work in the studio is enhanced whenever possible by trips to London galleries.

Art is essentially a visual subject and hopefully the images of students' work which you see here will say more of their creative achievements than words alone. Visitors to the school will also see an impressive art display in the main entrance foyer and are always welcome to have a look around the department and gallery space to talk to some of our talented young artists and see more of their exciting work.



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