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Enrichment Opportunities


The Sixth Form offers many wonderful opportunities and it is an exciting time in the education of Kent College students. Girls are strongly encouraged to maintain a wide and varied extra-curricular activities programme, not only to ensure that they develop as individuals, but also to enhance their chances of successful university and employment applications.

Enrichment Programme

All students in the Lower Sixth take part in the Enrichment Programme and time is allocated during the school day.  Students opt to take one of the following: the Leith's Basic Certificate in Food and Wine, a Community Service Project, the Extended Essay, Global Perspectives, Community Sports Leadership Award or School Newspaper.

Leith's Basic Certificate in Food and Wine

Kent College is one of only thirty seven schools in the country which offer this prestigious Leiths Basic Certificate in Food and Wine under their Leiths Academy scheme. This course is offered in addition to A-Level courses and has proved to be a popular enriching experience for all those who have participated.
The certificate teaches classical and creative cookery in a professional but informal atmosphere. The course itself comprises of four components: ·         

Continuous Assessment, which includes practical work, time plans, and regular short tests. (The pupils are required to attend 70% of the Leiths lessons)

A menu planning exercise.

A final practical examination.

A final theory examination. 

The pupils enjoy the whole experience, particular the development of good culinary skills and an informative and interesting discussion on all aspects of the wine industry.

The course is taken in the Lower Sixth, with both the theory and practical examinations either side of the Easter break, thus freeing the pupils to concentrate on their A level examinations. Pupils have five hours of lessons per week.

This certificate will help pupils at all levels and is useful for work during a gap year where pupils may wish to work at establishments at various holiday destinations, or to supplement their income during their university years. This certificate will open doors for the catering industry or as a self-employed caterer. This course fulfils the requirements for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and is an ideal addition to the UCAS Personal Statement.  Since September 2018 the certificate has carried UCAS points (pass 12, merit 24, distinction 36).  

Leadership Opportunities

There are many opportunities to develop leadership skills in the Sixth Form. In addition to the recognised roles for which girls are elected, there is the opportunity to be involved in the running of the school and assisting staff with day to day duties such as supervising prep duties, signing in girls for lunch, helping in assemblies, assisting at swimming, netball and hockey matches, and those who are qualified life savers can help supervise swimming sessions.

KC School Officers

 The school officer positions are:

  • Head Girl
  • Deputy Head Girl
  • Head of Boarders
  • Deputy Head of Boarders
  • Head of Tilley
  • Head of House
  • Sports Captain
  • Charity Prefect
  • Music Prefect
  • Drama Prefect
  • Eco Prefect
  • Lower School Prefect
  • Middle School Prefect
  • Chaplain's Assistant

Each year, all school officers take part in a Leadership Skills Training Weekend, which covers the framework for effective leadership, involves team building exercises and helps the students identify their strengths and weaknesses to enable them to become more successful leaders.


Students are encouraged to make the most of their spare time and there are over 120 clubs and activities on offer including textiles, tennis, life-saving, running, Japanese, Zumba, senior choir and orchestra. Girls can also continue or take up individual music, drama or public-speaking lessons, working towards grades.

Running School Activities and Clubs

Sixth Form students are encouraged to lead existing activities and clubs for the lower school or to create new ones. Girls have initiated a street dance club, a gospel choir, gymnastics club, a lacrosse club, a Japanese club and netball coaching - to mention a few. The possibilities are endless and give students the chance to gain valuable experience in leading and managing people, as well as developing organisational skills.

Careers Convention

Every two years the Careers Department hosts an evening where students can meet and take advice from various industry professionals from local businesses, as well as universities and colleges. Over 60 businesses, universities and colleges exhibited in 2017, offering friendly and informal advice to pupils interested in a particular career or still at the browsing stage. Businesses included wealth management, medicine, marketing, media, journalism, fashion, banking and PR amongst others. This is an event which offers fantastic opportunities for pupils to engage with the wider world.

Young Enterprise

Girls in the Lower Sixth have the opportunity to participate in the Young Enterprise scheme and to run their own business for six months. The scheme is a national educational charity and locally, the organisation is run by volunteers from business and education who form Young Enterprise Boards. Young Enterprise is supported by over 2,000 UK-based businesses who volunteer resources, funds and people to support students in the running of a real business. Over 9,000 volunteers from business act in partnership with education to provide this unique opportunity. Young Enterprise students, ‘Achievers’, discover for themselves how a company functions by taking up roles in management, marketing, selling, production and quality control. 

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Students can start or continue to work towards the nationally recognised Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Community and Charity Projects

The school’s Charity Committee has representatives from each form and is led by Sixth Form students. Each year the Committee organises a number of fund-raising events which raise thousands of pounds for charity. The largest of these events is the Sponsored Walk and senior students play a significant role in the organisation before and during the event.  This is a much-loved annual event which brings the whole school together.

Overseas Travel

The girls’ time in the Sixth Form is enhanced by many exciting experiences, including the chance to travel abroad either as part of their studies or on trips such as the bi-annual skiing holiday.

Recently, Lower Sixth students have been on an expedition to Nepal, both for their Duke of Edinburgh Awards and also to work and help in the Kent College School in Nepal which the school sponsors. Other trips have included Geography trips to Iceland and Morocco, Art trips to Venice and Paris, a Biology trip to Indonesia, Business and Economics trips to Prague and Paris and a Classics trip to Rome. Language students have the opportunity to practise their skills and experience in a new culture as part of foreign exchanges in countries such as Spain and Germany.




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