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The Sixth Form

Many girls find that the Sixth Form is one of the happiest and most fulfilling parts of their school life and at Kent College we certainly aim to make it so. By providing an excellent academic environment as well as many opportunities to develop personal skills and interests our aim is to produce happy students who fulfil their potential and go on to the university of their choice. Our Sixth Form is small enough to ensure strong pastoral care but large enough to provide a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.

A-levels offer the chance to study chosen subjects in depth and are the passport to higher education. During the two-year course, students develop a more independent approach to learning and are required to read extensively. They will develop a more pro-active learning style, improve their communication skills and learn to practise critical evaluation and analysis. Conferences, lectures and visits are used to enhance all subjects.

Most students study four subjects in the first year (AS level), and continue with three of these in the second year (A2 level). Public examinations are taken at the end of each year and success in these will give students a qualification of three A-level subjects and one subject at AS level.

We welcome students of good academic ability who will be able to cope with the demands of A-level study. We are able to offer places on the basis of a reference from an applicant's present school and her predicted GCSE grades. Students are required to achieve at least 6 GCSE passes at grade C or above and it is expected that at least four of these will be at A or B grades and certainly for subjects to be taken at AS/A-level (if studied at GCSE). Certain subjects require an A grade.

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Girls find the Sixth Form at Kent College is one of the happiest and most fulfilling parts of their whole school career. They are studying the subjects they most enjoy, strengthening friendships, making new ones and taking on important responsibilities within the school. Some girls also choose to start boarding in the Sixth Form as it gives them a sense of independence in preparation for university as well as the chance to take part in as much as possible at school in their final two years.

Girls thrive in the Sixth Form at Kent College because they are studying the subjects they most enjoy, strengthening friendships and making new ones, and taking on important responsibilities within the school. Some girls also choose to start boarding in the Sixth Form as it gives them a sense of independence in preparation for university as well as to make the most of the multitude of opportunities open to them.

Every girl is part of a new tutor group, made up of a mix of Lower and Upper Sixth Formers. She stays in this group for the full two years so that her form tutor comes to know her well, helps her stay on track academically and guides her towards the best decisions regarding her future.

Sixth Form Centre 

The focus of life in the Sixth Form is Tilley House. Tilley provides Sixth Formers with their own base where they have fully equipped areas for quiet study as well as a Common Room with kitchen and cafe for relaxation. Tilley is run by the girls, under the leadership of the Head of Tilley, an upper sixth Prefect. Other girls, meanwhile, are busily engaged with other positions of leadership and responsibility - as Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl, Head of Boarders, Deputy Head of Boarders, Sports Captain, Head of House, Chaplain's Assistant and Prefects in charge of Music, Drama, Charity, Lower School and Middle School - for which they receive special training in leadership skills. In fact, whether a School Officer or not, every Sixth Former has the opportunity to run or manage something, whether it is a club or society or even a fashion show.

The main change in the Sixth Form is, of course, the increased focus on chosen academic studies. Full details of the subjects on offer can be viewed in our A Level Guide, or requested from the school, but perhaps the most important point to make is that, unlike many other schools, we organise the timetable around the subject choices made by girls. It is therefore extremely rare that a girl cannot pursue the combination of subjects she wishes to study.

Your daughter will also get to know girls and boys from other Sixth Forms at local and national Model United Nations conferences, debates against local boys' and girls' schools, the Young Enterprise programme and at conferences arranged through World AIMS (Action in Methodist Schools).

Another change that your daughter will experience when she becomes a Sixth Former is the opportunity to undertake work experience outside school. There is also an increased focus on university entrance and decisions about her career. The girls benefit from having a fully qualified Head of Careers in school and a team of Careers Tutors to help guide each individual through the research and application stages of securing the university place best suited to her wishes and talents. We have a well-stocked Careers Library in Tilley and supplement our advice with talks from university speakers and trips to universities, conferences and open days, as well as inspiring presentations from former pupils.

Sixth Form Dress Code

Dress code for the sixth form is a grey pinstripe suit with a choice of shirts, available through the school uniform website For further guidelines, please click here.

School Officers Training Weekend

The new team of Kent College School Officers enjoyed an activity filled weekend in June, in order to enhance their leadership and team building skills.  Activities included using the on site Kent College confidence course, abseiling and camping outside.

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