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Dame Stella Rimington


Kent College Pembury, one of the leading independent girls’ schools in the South East, was delighted to welcome British author and former Director General of MI5, Dame Stella Rimington, as their 130th anniversary Birthday Lecture guest speaker on the 1st December.

Inspiring leadership amongst young women is an integral part of Kent College school life, and Dame Stella’s enthralling lecture about her pioneering career as the first female Director General of MI5 (and inspiration behind the casting of 007’s ‘M’) certainly gave the Kent College girls and wider community food for thought. Before speaking to the wider school community, Dame Stella met with the Newspaper Team and Head Girls in an interesting Q&A session.

Dame Stella’s visit rounded off a year to remember after 2016 saw KC welcome Ms Julie Lodrick as Headmistress, Mr Nik Pears as Head of the Preparatory School and the opening of their new Astro Pitch.

The vote of thanks by our 2016-17 Head Girl, Christelle Pungong
I think I can speak on behalf of all of us when saying that, that was an absolutely FANTASTIC talk. Personally, a while back when I found out that Dame Stella Rimington would be speaking I was extremely excited. In my opinion it is very important for communities like ours and girl schools all over to hear talks like these made by people like Dame Stella. People that have defied and surpassed society and gender roles or norms. I have to be honest though, being stealthy has never been my strong suit, for example when I was a child I quite used to think that hiding in the game ‘hide and seek’ meant standing in the middle of the garden, and pretending to be a blade of grass hoping that if I held the position for long enough, my sister wouldn’t see Christelle but would see through "Christelle.” However, whether or not this is a field that we may want to enter, there are still so many lessons we can take from this talk…

For example, when Dame Stella said:

That she never expected to be Director General or even the time it took her to get there, shows us that though life may take unexpected turns, through perseverance and hard work we can achieve greatness in anything we want to do later on in life.

Not only was this very encouraging but it was also hugely inspiring.

So from the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you so much for coming to speak to us and making this the best 130th anniversary we could possibly imagine! Thank you

Posted: 06/12/2016 at 09:59
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