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ISI Inspection


Independent Schools Inspectorate


Compliance Inspection 2019

The inspection was a great success and that the findings affirm the excellent quality of education and care that we provide here at Kent College.

The Regulatory Compliance Inspection covered both the Prep and Senior School and was undertaken by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). ISI is the agency responsible for the inspection of schools whose Heads are members of one of Independent School Council's (ISC) member associations in England, in our case HMC, GSA and IAPS. ISI is a Government approved inspectorate and the quality of its service is monitored by Ofsted on behalf of the Department for Education (DfE).

In a regulatory inspection, inspectors are not at the school to reach a judgment about the quality of educational provision or management and so the report does not contain any qualitative judgments or terms such as outstanding or exceptional. They simply decide whether we comply with the significant amount of legislation that applies to schools, known as The Independent Schools Standards Regulations and the National Minimum Standards for Boarding.

The report states that we have ‘met the standard’ in all eight discrete areas and it is important to note that it is the highest possible achievement under this current inspection framework and is in fact a tremendous accolade.

There are a plethora of requirements and regulations covering everything from the curriculum to health and safety, recruitment to governance, boarding to safeguarding and the inspectors found that not only were we compliant with every element, there were no recommendations for the school to do anything differently.

Click here to view the ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report 2019


Whole School Inspection 2016

Click here to view the ISI Inspection Senior School Report 2016

Click here to view the ISI Inspection Prep School Report 2016

Senior School highlights included:

  • Pupils are highly articulate, their linguistic, mathematical and scientific skills are strong, and they have excellent outcomes in art, drama and music.
  • The curriculum is excellent; it shows great breadth, effectively covers all the appropriate areas of learning, whilst suiting all abilities and needs.
  • Pupils are confident and very courteous, with consistently high standards of behaviour.
  • There are outstanding relationships between all members of the community.
  • The boarding provision is excellent.
  • Pupils are enthusiastic and achieve excellent standards in a rich variety of extra-curricular activities.
  • Pupils demonstrate excellent levels of knowledge, skills and understanding in all subject areas.
  • Boarders benefit from an excellent standard of accommodation
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