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Meet the Teachers


Head of Art/Photography

Name: Andy Dixon
Qualifications: BA (hons) Fine Art, PGCE
What do you enjoy most about your subject? There is no "right or wrong” – your only limitation is the extent of your own creativity / imagination.
What do you enjoy most about KC? Great working environment, colleagues and the moment when an applicant is accepted onto a course as a result of her portfolio.
Passions: Variety of subject matter through my own Photography, Rock concerts, Travelling, and Skiing

Head of Classics


Head of Chemistry

Name: Kay Saunders
Qualifications: C Chem, MRSC, QTS
What do you enjoy most about your subject?I love my subject because it requires analytical thinking and the ability to solve problems. Chemistry is the key to developing modern technology and saving lives. 99.99% of what you see (be it natural or man-made) is what it is because of Chemistry.
What do you enjoy most about KC? Teaching the girls! I also love the sense of community and the wonderful surroundings.
Passions:Walking and cathedrals. I aim to visit all the cathedrals in the UK and beyond.

Head of Drama

Name: Nigel Ashton
Departments / Responsibilities: Head of Drama
Qualifications: BA Hons
What do you enjoy most about your subject? Directing and designing productions
What do you enjoy most about KC? Directing and designing school productions
Passions: The work of Richard Wagner

Head of Economics and Business Studies

Name: Tendai Karalius
Qualifications: BA Law with Economics, PGCE Applied Business (with 60 masters level credits), QTS and QTLS
What do you enjoy most about your subject? It has been an exciting time teaching Economics and Business over the last few years as so much has happened in the real world which directly reflects the theory that we are teaching our students. It is a fantastic feeling getting the students engaged with the material we are covering.
What do you enjoy most about KC? KC has a fantastic environment for both students and teachers alike as you feel like you are part of one big family which encourages and supports each other to do your best and achieve to the best of your abilities.
Passions: I enjoy making fashion jewellery and doing patchwork and quilting with my mum when I get the time.

Head of English


Head of Food Technology

Name: Claire Lusher
Departments / Responsibilities: Head of Food Technology Qualifications: BA D&T QTS
What do you enjoy most about your subject? Experimentation, risk taking, creativity, nutrition and scientific applications.
What do you enjoy most about KC? The environment, ethos, students, staff and dogs.
Passions: Walking, live music and animal welfare.

Head of French and Joint Head of MFL

Name: Wendy Young Min
Departments / Responsibilities: Joint Head of MFL, Head of French
Qualifications: BAHons French and Italian PGCE French
What do you enjoy most about your subject? Chatting away in French and watching the film Les Choristes with Y9.
What do you enjoy most about KC? The girls and my colleagues.
Passions: My family and friends as well as anything linked to Harry Potter, France and Guillaume Musso.

Head of Geography

Name: Melanie Hambleton
Departments / Responsibilities: Head of Geography.
Qualifications: BA. PGCE
What do you enjoy most about your subject? Geography is all around us. It fascinates and inspires: the beauty of the earth, the power of earth shaping forces and the challenges of contemporary global issues.
What do you enjoy most about KC? Teaching the girls. The positive and friendly atmosphere and learning environment.
Passions: Natural landscapes like coasts, rivers and mountains; weather patterns, populations, cities and global issues.

Head of History and Politics

Name: Abi Wharton
Departments / Responsibilities: Director of Career Pathways. Head of History and Politics; Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Qualifications: BA (Hons) in Peace Studies; PGCE in Social Science and History.
What do you enjoy most about your subject? Where to start?! Without understanding History, we cannot understand the future. Politics affects every member of society and it is essential that young people understand how Politics works so they can make a difference tomorrow.
What do you enjoy most about KC? The students - their openness to learning and the blossoming sense of their role in changing things for the better.
Passions: Bob Dylan, Politics, Travel, Camping and the great outdoors and my children.


Name: Susan Waller
Departments / Responsibilities: Head of Learning and Life Skills Subject Group
Qualifications: BA(Hons), MCLIP
What do you enjoy most about your subject? Helping the girls find just the right book for them and seeing them become enthusiastic readers
What do you enjoy most about KC? Working with such friendly staff who only want the best for the girls
Passions: Line dancing, reading, travel and learning something new every day

Head of Mathematics

Name: Jeanette Jenkins
Department/Responsibilities: Head of Mathematics
Qualifications: B.Ed. Mathematics
What do you enjoy most about your subject? I love the fact that mathematics is an essential building block for everything in our lives. It has beauty, pattern and logic. Plus it is fun!
What do you enjoy most about Kent College? The students I teach and their enthusiasm for life.
Passions: Quilting, travelling, reading and gardening.

Head of Music

Name: Mike Kent-Davies
Departments / Responsibilities: Director of Music
Qualifications: B.Mus, PGCE
What do you enjoy most about your subject? I love the huge emotional rush it gives me.
What do you enjoy most about KC? The lovely people in the music department, from enthusiastic year 7s, astonishingly talented older girls to the phenomenal teachers I'm privileged to work with.
Passions: All kinds of good music; watching the girls grow and achieve wonderful things (and football).

Head of Outdoor & Pastoral Education

Name: Carol Davidson
Departments/Responsibilities: Head of Outdoor and Pastoral Education. D of E Co-ordinator, deputy Child Protection Officer
Qualifications: BA (Hons) Professional Education Studies, QTS, Dip Counselling, ML (Summer) SPSA, Instructor Kayaking and Windsurfing
What do you enjoy most about your subject? With PSHE, no two lessons are the same, girls have different views and it is great to engage them in debate.With outdoor education and D of E, the buzz of seeing the girls really excel outside the classroom, the confidence they can gain from jumping from the Leap of Faith can have a huge impact on how they approach other challenges.
What do you enjoy most about KC? The girls, the staff, the beautiful setting, and the opportunities.
Passions: Travel, being outdoors in general, especially walking my dog Inca and the music of Bruce Springsteen.
Head of Religious Studies
Name:   Mrs Barbara Mitchell
Departments / Responsibilities:  Head of Religious Studies, Assistant Chaplain
Qualifications: BA (Hons) Theology (University of Durham),  PGCE (University of London), MA Christianity and Inter-Faith Relations (University of London)
What do you enjoy most about your subject? Everything – it is a far-ranging subject which encompasses classical languages, an appreciation of literature, art and philosophy, the need to understand modern science and the ethical issues that raises and lots of travel to visit interesting places of worship.
What do you enjoy most about KC? It’s a caring, supportive learning community rooted in the Methodist tradition of doing good to everyone.

Head of Senior School Physical Education

Name: Nicky Denton
Departments / Responsibilities: Acting Head of Physical Education
Qualifications: BSc Sports Science (Loughborough) and QTS
What do you enjoy most about your subject? Seeing the girls achieve and accomplish new skills and learn something new, no matter how big or small this is.
What do you enjoy most about KC? The girls, the staff and the lovely atmosphere every day.
Passions: Running, swimming, and spending time with my family and friends.

Head of Physics

Name: Angela Quigley
Department: Head of Physics
Qualifications: MA(Oxon), PGCE
What do you enjoy most about your subject? Physics is a way to explore and attempt to understand the world around us, from the subatomic to the interstellar. It mixes mathematical, theoretical and problem solving skills with practical and creative ones.
What do you enjoy most about KC? That the girls here are open to new ideas and able to question how things work.
Passions: Visiting places like CERN to see global experiments at work and being part of a community that continually modifies its ideas as new particle detectors, telescopes and medical breakthroughs evolve our knowledge and understanding.

Head of Psychology

Name: Daren Lee
Departments / Responsibilities: Head of Humanities/ Psychology/ Gifted & Talented Coordinator
Qualifications: Psychology BSc, Special Education MSc, Counselling Cert, QTS
What do you enjoy most about your subject? The dynamic nature of it. Being a science, it is constantly being updated in light of new research and methodological advances. Ultimately, the subject seeks to develop our understanding of people and human phenomena, which can only be a positive thing.
What do you enjoy most about KC? The culture of the school is extremely positive and being able to bring my dogs to school when required!
Passions: Dog walking, academia, exercise.

SENCo & Literacy Support Tutor

Name: Nel Levett
Department/ Responsibility: SENCo and Literacy Support Tutor (prep and senior)
Qualifications: BA(Hons) English Lit and Drama, PGCE English and Special Needs, MA Contemporary Fictions of Conflict; Cert. Nat Sci, PGC Difficulties in Literacy Development
What do you enjoy the most about your subject? Working with girls from Nursery to Upper Sixth and seeing them make steps towards learning new materials when they never thought they would be able to do so. The variety of what I do which changes on a day-to-day basis and makes me stay on my toes intellectually.
What do you enjoy the most about KC? Where else could you see girls swinging away on the swings without a care in the world and smiling from ear to ear just enjoying ‘being’!
Passions: reading, walking, baking with my children, making lists!

Head of Spanish & Joint Head of MFL

Name: Ana Nieto
Departments / Responsibilities: Head of Spanish and Joint Head of MFL
Qualifications: BA Honours in Law, PGCE Spanish and French
What do you enjoy most about your subject? Teaching all the cultural traditions of Spain and Latin American countries.
What do you enjoy most about KC? Most definitely the students.
Passions: I love to see the girls becoming independent language learners, being able to manipulate the language beyond what has been taught in the lesson.

Head of Textiles (maternity leave 2016-17)

Name: Carlee Smith
Departments / Responsibilities: Head of Textiles and Year 7 form tutor.
Qualifications: BA(Hons)Fashion and Textiles. PGCE.
What do you enjoy most about your subject? The creativity it allows you to have every day.
What do you enjoy most about KC? The friendly atmosphere, my lovely department.
Passions: Interiors for my new house. Visiting exhibitions. Taking care of animals.

Sixth Form Information Evening
Thursday 12th October
7.00pm – 9.00pm


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