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School Staff List

Please click here to download the whole school staff list for the Spring Term 2017

 Staff List 

KC Executive
Headmistress Ms J Lodrick BA Hons, MEd, PGCE headmistress@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Deputy Head Mr A Kirk-Burgess BSc, PGCE, MSc (Oxon) kirka@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk  
Bursar Mrs A Jenkins BA Hons,  ICAEW bursary@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk  
Head of the Prep School Mr N Pears BEd (Hons) (Cantab) pearsn@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk  


Senior School Leadership Team

Assistant Head (Sixth Form) Mr J Mossman BA Hons, MA, PGCE


Assistant Head (Middle School)
(Years 10 & 11)
Mrs J Tobin BA Hons in Theology, PGCE tobinj@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk  
Assistant Head (Lower School)
(Years 7 to 9)
Mrs L Hallam BA Hons, PGCE hallaml@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk


Subject Groupings
Performance & Creative Arts
Head of Productions Mrs G Cable BA Hons, QTS cableg@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk  
Head of Art Mr A Dixon BA Hons, PGCE dixona@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Drama Mr N Ashton BA Hons, PGCE ashtonn@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Food Technology & Leiths Ms C Lusher BA Hons, QTS


Director of Music Mr M Kent-Davies BMus Hons, PGCE kentm@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Acting Head of Textiles Technology (Maternity Cover) Miss A Rance BA, Ed rancea@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk  
Director of Sport Ms S Clark clarks@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Senior School PE (Yr 7 - Yr 13) Mrs N Denton BSc,QTS dentonn@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Prep School PE (Nursery - Yr 6) Mrs G Hughes PGCE, GTS Cert, BSc Hon Southampton hughesg@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk



Head of Humanities Mr D Lee MSc Hons, BSc Hons QTS leed@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Economics & Business Studies Ms T Karalius BA Hons, PGCE karaliusT@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Geography Mrs M Hambleton BA Hons, PGCE hambletonm@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Joint Head of History Mrs E Thacker thackere@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Joint Head of History Mrs N Worsfold worsfoldn@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Psychology Mr D Lee MSc Hons, BSc Hons QTS leed@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Religious Studies Mrs B Mitchell mitchellb@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of ICT Miss C Mortlock Foundations degree of Arts, Business Management mortlockc@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Politics Mrs A Wharton whartona@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk



Head of English Miss A Church BA Hons PGCE churcha@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Joint Head of Film Studies Mrs J Dooley BA Hons, MA, PGCE dooleyj@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Joint Head of Film Studies Mr K Hoffman Dip Speech and Drama, PGCE hoffmank@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Joint Head of Modern Languages & Head of Spanish Mrs A Nieto BA Hons, PGCE nietoa@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Joint Head of Modern Languages & Head of French Mrs W Youngmin BA Hons, PGCE youngminw@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of German Mrs E Coddington MA (Oxon), PGCE  coddingtone@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Classics Mrs A Hutchinson MA (Oxon), PGCE hutchinsona@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk


Mathematics & Sciences

Head of Science Mrs D Hopper BSc Hons, QTS hopperd@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Biology Mrs D Hopper BSc Hons, QTS hopperd@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Chemistry Mrs K Saunders MRSC, CChem saundersk@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Physics Mrs A Quigley MA, MA PGCE quigleya@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Mathematics Mrs J Jenkins BEd (Hons) jenkinsj@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk


Learning & Life Skills

Head of Learning & Life Skills Mrs S Waller BA Hons, MCLIP wallers@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator  Mr D Lee MSc Hons, BSc Hons QTS leed@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
SENCO Mrs H Levett BA Hons, MA, M.Ed OU, PGCDIP SEND levetth@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Librarian Mrs S Waller BA Hons, MCLIP wallers@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
English as an Additional Language (EAL) Mr P Talbot BA Hons talbotp@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Dyslexia Specialist Mrs R Havard BA/BSc Hons, DipSpLD havardr@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Head of Outdoor Education & Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Co-ordinator. PSHE & Citizenship Co-ordinator Mrs C Davidson BA Hons, QTS & AEB Dip davidsonc@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Director of Career Pathways Mrs A Wharton whartona@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk


Boarding Staff

(James & Osborn)
Mrs G Cable BA Hons, QTS cableg@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
(Hawkwell & Hargreaves)
Mrs S Kruschandl BA Hons, PGCE, PGCert krushandls@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk


School Support Staff

Chaplain Rev J Todd chaplain@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
Catering Manager Mrs S Allen   catering@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk 
Site Manager Mr A Beard   bearda@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk
School Nurse Mrs J Devine RGN devinej@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk


Board of School Governors

Chairman:    Mr E Waterhouse waterhousee@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk Vice Chair of Governors: Mrs J Stevens
Mr I Leroni Revd John Hellyer
Mr D Robins Mrs G Langstaff
Mr G MacKichan Mrs G le Boutiller-Scott
Ms J Day Mrs E Thomas
Mr M Haftke Mr I Pattenden
Mr J Ingram Mrs C Veall
Mrs G Morgan Dr Denise Lodge



 Kent College - Senior Leadership Team and Board of Governors 2016-17 

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