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Outstanding Progress. Academic Success.




Exam results are obviously important but they do not really tell the full story of what a school or student has done to achieve their excellent grades. To see the true impact that a school is making, it is essential to look at other measures, particularly Value Added. This is a nationwide statistical measurement of the impact that schools, including Kent College, make in terms of enabling academic progress at key points in a student’s education. 

In Year 10 girls sit the cognitive ability Yellis test provided by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) at The University of Durham.  This test provides projected grades for each GCSE subject that a girl is studying. CEM analyse the difference between the prediction and the final grade outcome and this difference is the “value added”. Schools and subjects are then ranked by performance. 

Kent College is proud that its Value Added scores are among the best in the country, with girls in 2020 achieving at least one grade higher per subject than predicted. This is a testament to our girls excellent work ethic and the quality of our teaching. In terms of the national picture this places us in the top 5 schools in the UK. Several of our subjects performed particularly well and our English department has been ranked 1st for English Language for the last two years. 

At the start of the Sixth Form our girls also sit the ALIS test, also provided by CEM, with the same method being used to calculate Value Added. In 2019 Kent College was ranked in the top 24% of schools at A-Level. 




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