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Progress & Communication


We believe regular contact with parents is essential in ensuring the best academic progress and personal development for each each girl. When she joins the school, every girl is placed under the guidance of a form tutor and one of the school’s Assistant Heads.

"Pupils are confident achievers who feel well supported by the network of management strategies available." ISI Report 2016

Academic Progress Reports

The overall progress of girls is assessed every four weeks and published on the Parent Portal, allowing girls and their parents to regularly monitor and evaluate their progress. In addition, girls receive full academic reports at the end of each term. These are also published on the Parent Portal which can be accessed on the homepage. 

At the end of the school year, students receive a report for the full academic year detailing their development.

Annual Parent-Teacher Consultation Meetings.

In addition, Parent-Teacher Consultation Meetings are held once or twice a year depending on the year. This is an opportunity for the parents and teacher to discuss the individual progress of students in each subject area.

How we measure achievement

At Kent College, we value individual achievements more than our ranking in traditional league tables, which indicates more about how selective a school is rather than how well its students are performing.

We know from tracking and analysis that many of the girls make significant personal progress; on average GCSE students achieve approximately one grade higher per GCSE than predicted from their entry-level data and most A level students perform even better than they did at GCSE level. In public examinations, not only do the high achievers get the top results we expected, but many of the girls with more modest academic ability achieve all A*- B grades in GCSE and A - C grades at A level. This really does reflect the value-added accomplished by the supportive, nurturing environment which KC provides.

Parents of our students are delighted with the achievements that their daughters gain in GCSE and A level examinations. Some of their recent comments include the following:

"A very lively daughter arrives home each night eager to explain the day's events and will then happily get on with her homework! After only one month, she is completely settled at KC."
Parent of Year 7 Student

"I firmly believe Kent College is responsible for my daughter's happiness; there has been an incredible transformation in her since she joined Year 9. Thank you."
Parent of Year 9 Student

"The A level examination results are a truly outstanding achievement that reflects positively on both pupils and teachers. Please convey my sincere congratulations to the teachers whose commitment and skill is often neglected by those commenting on the increased performance of pupils in GCSE grades. I know Kent College is about a lot more than just exam grades, but you should take personal pride in how the school appears to be developing."
Parent of Year 11 Student

"I am so delighted, I know we have chosen the right school for our daughter."
Parent of Year 11 Student

Personal Matters

On matters regarding individual students, parents will be contacted by the student's form tutor- either informally via their student planners or more formally through an a pre-arranged meeting. It is therefore important for parents to frequently check their daughter's student planners.

Contact with the School

Parents can communicate informally with form tutors via their daughter's student planners which is checked by the tutors during form time.

For a full list of teaching staff and their email addresses, please click here

Any general concerns about academic progress should be addressed in the first instance to the form tutor but parents should not hesitate to contact the relevant Assistant Head.

Alternatively, parents may contact the Deputy Head immediately if they feel this is more appropriate.


All boarders need regular contact with home and girls are encouraged to contact their parents by telephone, letters, fax and email. Letters, cards and messages are important to girls studying away from home and we strongly recommend that you write to your daughter frequently.

Along with a form tutor, boarders are under the care of a Housemistress who will monitor their progress and liaise with teaching staff. Housemistresses can be contacted directly via email or telephone and will ensure the overall well-being of each boarder.

The school office regularly communicates via email with boarders' parents and academic and boarders' reports are sent home each term. In addition, a boarders' newsletter is also sent home each term.

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Thursday 27 April 2017
9.15am - 1.00pm
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