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"Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future." -  Michael Palin

Geography inspires a curiosity about the world in which we live, diversity of cultures and our physical environment. Geography at Kent College is concerned with the study of people and the environment. It is our intention that pupils understand the world in which they live and to realise the interaction between physical and human environment.

Geography tackles the big issues:

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Our global interdependence
  • Cultural understanding and tolerance
  • Commerce trade and industry

The world in which we live is likely to change more in the next fifty years than it has ever done. Geography not only explains these changes, but helps to prepare KC students for these changes.

Many of the skills which geography students learn are transferable skills such as essay and report writing, time management and organisation, use of ICT, group work and research. Subject specific skills include cartography, graphicacy, statistics, ICT, as well as the practical skills of fieldwork, data collection and decision-making.

AS/A Level Geography

A level geography is a versatile subject which bridges the gap between the arts and the sciences. At this advanced level, the course focuses on the relationships between people and their environment, both locally and globally.

Geography develops many key skills which are valuable to employers, such as data handling, organisation, team spirit, creative thinking, and understanding of the world around us.

At AS level (Year 1), students focus on the concepts in physical and human geography, as well as geographical skills.

At A2 level (Year 2), students explore the challenges and changes facing natural and human environemnts. Students also undertake a fieldwork investigation.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Regular trips enhance the understanding of the subject and so we actively encourage each year group to take part in at least one field trip every year. Regular field trips include Juniper Hall in Dorking and Flatford Mill in Suffolk.

The Geography department are members of the 'High Weald branch of Geographical Association', and each year our Sixth Form students attend conferences and lectures.

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