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Information & Communication Technology


ICT is an integral part of learning at KC. One of our strategic aims is to become an e-learning centre of excellence in the next few years. As a result, all students are encouraged to use ICT wherever possible across the whole curriculum. We endeavour to ensure that in such a fast-changing subject, our ICT curriculum meets the individual needs of all our girls. The ICT department enjoys a tremendous success rate at both GCSE and A level, while the subject continues to grow in popularity within the school.

Our department seeks to build on our girls’ passion for all things digital. It explores how technology impacts on every aspect of our daily lives: learning and earning, leisure, shopping and money management, health and well-being and being on the move. We teach and encourage our girls to become ‘ICT savvy’ and to understand the risks involved in additional to enjoying the benefits of using ICT safely and responsibly.


GCSE Business & Communication Systems - (optional for Years 10 and 11)

This GCSE option is a highly popular and practical introduction to ICT and Business Systems. The course helps to gain skills which will be useful in further study as well in students' personal lives.  Although this subject is not compulsory at GCSE , over half the girls within the school choose it as an option.

Theory topics  include the Business Environment, Business Administration, Human Resources and Communication.  Practical aspects of the course will include the use of Databases, Spreadsheets, Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, Email and Web Authoring software.

AS/A2 Level ICT 

In a decade where statistics show that there is a real shortage of women in ICT, many companies are crying out to employ intelligent and enthusiastic school leavers/graduates with ICT qualifications. However, even if students aren't thinking of a career specifically in ICT, the AS and full A level course will be valuable for any career chosen in the 21st century.

A level ICT becomes increasingly popular each year, and the faculty is extremely proud of the fact that each year students go on to study ICT related courses at University.

The OCR A level course is a natural progression from the OCR GCSE Business & Communications Systems Course. It comprises of 6 units with 3 units taken in the first year and 3 taken in the second year. The qualification is also available at AS level where 3 units are taken.  At AS level, one unit is externally assessed and two units are internally assessed through coursework.  At A level, all three units are internally assessed through coursework.

This course gives students a valuable insight into how organisations/businesses use ICT and manage the introduction of new technologies to improve the workplace for employers and employees as well as looking at its impact on our own lives and society as a whole.  Students will develop their communciation and teamwork skills and will learn invaluable project management skills which stand them in good stead both at university and in life.

A Level Trips

ICT and Business & Economics students get the opportunity to participate in a bi-annual three-day conference held at Disneyland Paris where they attend conferences and lectures by major players in the business world, such as Microsoft, Sophos and BT. (There is of course some time to enjoy the rides too!)

The ICT department has a tremendous success rate at both GCSE and A level, while the subject continues to grow in popularity within the school.

Extra Curricular Activities

All year groups are encouraged to apply their ICT skills to all subjects, therefore there are a range of ICT-related clubs and activities which encourage girls to improve their skills whilst enjoying ICT.

Schools Fantasy League® Club

An opportunity for all students to combine their love of football with management skills using problem-solving and decision-making skills.


An opportunity for Year 10 and above students to obtain a valuable ICT qualification - either theECDL ExtraorEDCL Advanced qualification.

Hard Disc Café

The department runs a Hard Disc Café club after school to help students with revision towards their external exams. During these sessions they have the opportunity to ask for additional help with any topics that they have had difficulty with as well as getting the opportunity to use a range of revision  techniques such as podcasting software to record their revision notes.

With recent research* indicating that the current recession is accelerating the Digital Divide and that those with an ICT qualification are more confident about their employment prospects, it is little wonder that the subject continues to grow in popularity within the school and that the ICT department has a tremendous success rate at both GCSE and A level.

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