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The Story of English at Kent College


The study of English at Kent College is the story of a student’s growing appreciation of the huge influence of language: its impact on our thinking, feeling and actions. We teach students how to use language both creatively and responsibly, taking into account the purpose of their writing and its intended audience.

The story begins with helping students to establish a love for reading. Prepared with this essential, the student is invited to explore new and familiar genres, styles, forms and structures. It is central to our ethos that we do not simply prepare students for their GCSEs or A Levels, but equip them with an understanding of how to express ideas in ways that will motivate, inspire, challenge and ultimately change the minds of their readers.


The A Level Course: In-Depth Study

At Kent College we offer A Level English literature as well as Film Studies. The literature course provides students with the chance to analyse texts from different genres in depth. In the process of doing this as both a collective and individual activity, we aim to help them to become independent thinkers who have the courage and insight to form strong views for which they can provide convincing evidence. Only after securing a full knowledge of their set texts do we encourage them to read critical material and begin a study of the art and history of practical criticism. We enter exceptional students for the Advanced Extension Award and frequently support those making applications to Oxford and Cambridge.

We accept students of various levels of ability on to the A Level course. An A grade in English literature GCSE is generally expected, but under certain circumstances we take on students with a lower grade if they show a particular enthusiasm and aptitude for reading.

English Outside the Classroom

All year groups are given opportunities to further their understanding of authors and their work outside of class. Trips to theatres, academic lecture days, poetry readings and trips to venues which bring the study of texts alive and places them in their historical and social contexts, all help develop and sustain a passion for the subject.

With two published authors in the department, there is plenty of creative writing support and we regularly run workshops with visiting authors as well. This ensures the girls receive the inspiration to write their own literature as well as studying the work of others.

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