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Years 7 and 8

Girls study a Key Stage Three curriculum that concentrates on teaching through practical work and discovery.  The course includes Biology, Chemistry and Physics and is designed to make girls aware that as well as being fun, there’s also an investigative focus.  

Throughout the lower school (Years 7 and 8), the attitudes and skills developed are used to build a platform of knowledge and understanding, based on key scientific concepts.  Practical experiments and investigative skills are used to encourage girls to develop their own understanding of the world around them and of the relevance of science in their everyday lives.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught separately by subject specialist teachers in Year 8.  

Year 9

Girls are taught separately by subject specialist teachers in Year 9.  At the start of the academic year, girls are prepared for the rigors of Edexcel IGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics, beginning in the autumn term. 

GCSE Science

At Kent College, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught separately by specialist teaching staff. We follow the universally recognised Edexcel International GCSE Science syllabus. The course is well designed, practical and has a strong theoretical foundation. It is used by many UK independent schools and is an interesting as well as an inspiring, modern specification.  At the end of Year 11 girls following the Double Science Award route will receive a dual grade such as 8,8 or 9,9. The Triple Science Award will receive a separate IGCSE Grade for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Assessments of investigative skills are integrated within the exams and are not assessed separately. Click here for further information about the course.

Advanced Level Sciences

At Kent College we follow linear, two year OCR A, Advanced Level qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Science subjects are popular at Kent College and each year, girls have achieved well above the national average in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Many of our girls go on to read sciences at university. 

Advanced Level Biology is a popular A Level subject at Kent College.  It provides girls with an opportunity to study topics ranging from cellular biology to ecosystems and molecular biology to biotechnology. Click here for further information about the course.

Advanced Level Chemists gain a developing insight into "the meaning of life, the universe and everything". Concepts covered at GCSE level are expanded and emphasis is placed on the understanding and application of principles. Click here for further information about the course.

Advanced Level Physicists study the main themes covered at GCSE to a greater depth. The relevance of the course is stressed by looking at the applications of the theory to their everyday lives. It is both stimulating and challenging for any girl who is keen to gain a real understanding of the physical world as well as the technological society in which we live. Click here for further information about the course.

Where can you go after studying A Level Sciences at Kent College?  Take a look at some of our recent destinations:




St Andrews


York, Bath

Biological Sciences

Exeter, Washington USA, Edinburgh, Bath


Newcastle, Bristol, Bath

Biomedical Sciences

Edinburgh, Greenwich, Southampton, Bath, Oxford Brooks


Bath, Imperial

Chemical Engineering


Civil Engineering


Computer Science

Queen Mary, Warwick

Global Health & Social Medicine

Kings College

Mechanical Engineering



Bristol, Southampton, Liverpool, St Georges, Croatia

Molecular, Cellular & Development Biology

Santa Barbara USA

Natural Sciences






Sports & Recreational Management


Extracurricular Activities

Teaching staff and technicians at Kent College support STEM learning through various scientific, extracurricular activities and clubs during the academic year. Whilst the 75 acre school site provides magnificent grounds for environmental work, Science at Kent College is enhanced through state of the art equipment such as our 3D printer.

CREST awards are available to Girls from all year groups, to help improve their grasp of key scientific concepts and principles through hands on practical work.

Girls also get the opportunity to expand their scientific horizons through external activities and trips to learn about current advances in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Internal workshops provided by the Smallpeice Trust, Greenwich Observatory and Medical Mavericks are also examples of some of the ways girls at Kent College gain a deeper insight into science outside of the classroom. 


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