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The Susanna Wesley Library


The Library is a vibrant place of learning at the heart of the school. It provides support for pupils’ school work and enriches their academic and social development.  Independent learning is promoted through an Information Literacy programme, and intellectual curiosity and reading for pleasure are encouraged by a wide range of resources and activities. The Library is in a state-of-the-art new building and is managed by a Chartered Librarian.

Information Literacy

"Information literacy is knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use and communicate it in an ethical manner” (CILIP, 2004)

Collaboration with teaching staff ensures that information literacy skills are taught and practised during lessons and research projects.

Information literate students:

·         know which questions are useful to ask    

·         are independent readers, skimming and scanning to find what they need   

·         know what is relveant, can select and reject information   

·         read texts in different ways for different purposes   

·         know when they have found enough information   

·         make relevant notes and use them to support classwork and homework   

·         synthesise and combine information from a variety of sources   

·         re-present information coherently, demonstrating understanding and learning   

·         evaluate their sources   

·         evaluate their work and reflect on their learning (DfCFS 2004)


The Library acts as a gateway to information available from print, audio-visual, electronic resources and the wider world, providing access to a reliable and diverse range.  Boarders have access to the Library throughout the evenings and weekends and all pupils can access their Library account from anywhere to search for books and websites.

Information – over 11,000 fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, magazines, audiobooks, DVDs, and subscription websites and databases. 

ICT - an ICT suite, laptops, scanner/photocopier, digital cameras, camcorders and ebook readers are available. 

Click here for the Sixth Form Independent Learning Guide.

Reading for pleasure 

Reading is the cornerstone for learning, and is encouraged by stocking a range of material to cater for all tastes, ages and abilities. Years 7-9 have a weekly Reading lesson in the Library and the Reading Angels scheme provides rewards for reading more widely.  Regular promotional activities include Book Week, author visits, displays, newsletters, bookshops, competitions and quizzes, and special events such as Harry Potter Book Night.

Extra-curricular activities

A focus for developing wider reading is provided by the weekly Book Clubs for all year groups, the Carnegie Medal Shadowing scheme and the South East Schools Themed Book Award (which is hosted by the school).  Comix Club caters for those interested in manga and graphic novels, while Craft Club and Games Get-Together provide more practical activities.  Students also have the opportunity for personal and social development through the Student Librarian Award and the Duke of Edinburgh Service award. 

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