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Exercising for Exam Success


What should the morning of the first GCSE or A-Level look like for a student? Last minute revision over breakfast, or an early morning visit to the local swimming pool for a few lengths? Parents’ instincts might be the first option but a new study shows that playing sport in the run up and during exams is not only good for students’ well-being, it can also lead to improved results.

Professor Peter Clough, Head of the Psychology Department at Huddersfield University who carried out the research, found that contrary to what some parents believe, “sport plays a vital role in preparing students for the pressures of the exam room. It can even help some young people thrive when in stressful situations”. The research also looked at the very highest academically performing students who played sport during their exams and they went on to achieve the highest grades in their class.

Last year, we had an Upper Sixth student who continued her punishing swimming training throughout her A-Levels as she represented GB in international competitions. She secured her A-Levels with excellent grades and is now enjoying combining her swimming with university life in Edinburgh. Even if young people are not keen on a particular sport, encouraging them to go outside for quiet moment and a short walk is just as beneficial.

As with all things, achieving a balance is important and once study leave begins, creating a structured environment at home is the priority. Ensuring that young people have a quiet place to work is essential, as well as punctuating revision with regular breaks, providing an ideal opportunity for a breath of fresh air. Wishing all exam students every success.

Posted: 14/05/2019 at 13:24
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