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Getting fit at KC


This term saw the launch of the new Sport and Wellbeing programme. It covers a range of activities such as dance, racket sports, fitness, team games and swimming. It is designed to offer a good variety of activities and includes different choices of sport and fitness. The programme is unlike normal PE, as it not only encoruages physical fitness, but also healthy mental wellbeing.

I interviewed Mrs. Hughes about why the PE department have introduced the new programme. She explained that, “There is lots of national data about girls not wanting to participate in physical activity. We thought it was important to deliver a programme that would appeal to all girls.” When asked what the benefits of the programme were, Mrs. Hughes replied: “Being able to participate with your friends, having the choice of activity and being able to wear what you want without necessarily being assessed on your ability”.

Mrs. Hughes’s personal recommendation in the Sport and Wellbeing programme is Grit Fit; “Grit Fit is good fun, you listen to music with your friends and you still get a sense of achievement”.

The interview ended with Mrs. Hughes encouraging any girls around the school to contact her if there are any activities that aren’t yet on the programme, that they would like to be included.

Posted: 20/12/2017 at 13:22
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