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Communication with Parents


We believe regular contact with parents is essential in ensuring the best academic progress and personal development for each student. In Year 7, each student is placed under the guidance of a form tutor who monitors them throughout their school life as well as a Divisional Head who monitors the year group.

Parent Handbook

Information an all aspects of daily school life can be found in the Parents Handbook here.


Attendance is monitored carefully by our Attendance Officer, Mrs Linda Jorden.  

Parents should ring the school office on +44 (0)1892 822006 or email to report an absence by 8.30am on each day of absence. Messages can also be left on the school answerphone outside school hours.

Any planned absence (e.g. medical appointment) should be notified in advance by email to your daughter’s tutor and the attendance officer.

In any event, if girls arrive late at school, and miss the 8.30am registration, they should sign in at reception. Similarly, they should always sign out at reception if they leave school for an appointment during the school day and sign back in on their return.

Academic Progress Reports

The overall progress of girls in Years 7-11 is assessed at the end of each half term. Before the half term break, grades are given directly to the students who are encouraged to share and discuss them with their parents. In the Sixth Form, students' progress is evaluated in joint interview sessions with subject teachers. An agreed summary of progress and targets for improvement is entered on individual record cards.

At the end of the school year, students receive a report for the full academic year detailing their development.

Annual Parent-Teacher Consultation Meetings.

In addition, Parent-Teacher Consultation Meetings are held annually for each year group and dates of the meetings are circulated to all parents at the beginning of the school year. This is an opportunity for the parents and teacher to discuss the individual progress of students in each subject area.

Personal Matters

On matters regarding individual students, parents will be contacted by the student's form tutor- either informally via their student planners or more formally through an a pre-arranged meeting. It is therefore important for parents to frequently check their daughter's student planners.

Contact with the School

Parents can communicate informally with form tutors via their daughter's student planners which is checked by the tutors during form time. Any general concerns about academic progress should be addressed in the first instance to the form tutor but parents should not hesitate to contact their daughter's Divisional Head. Alternatively, parents may contact the Academic Deputy Head or Pastoral Deputy Head immediately if they feel this is more appropriate.


All boarders need regular contact with home and girls are encouraged to contact their parents by telephone, letters, fax and email. Letters, cards and messages are important to girls studying away from home and we strongly recommend that you write to your daughter frequently.

Along with a form tutor, boarders are under the care of a housemistress who will monitor their progress and liaise with teaching staff. Housemistresses can be contacted directly via email or telephone and will ensure the overall well-being of each boarder.

The school office regularly communicates via email with boarders' parents and academic and boarders' reports are sent home each term. In addition, a boarders' newsletter is also sent home each term.

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