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People communicate every day without realising the weight of their words. This terms HALO sessions focused around the Rosetta Stone and its significance in the academic world. The Rosetta Stone was not just some complicated mystery to the greatest minds in history, but an important part of the evolution of learning and understanding, developed over thousands of years. With a brilliant talk by Miss Hayes, she posed complex questions like ‘How do you understand?’.

The Rosetta Stone was a starting point for understanding translation and the diversity between languages and different scribes. However the Stone highlighted the thread of continuity between all languages and showed that even the most complex dialogs have similarities. Miss Hayes’ talk was interesting and thought provoking; leading our next HALO meeting into how we would perceive things if we had no prior knowledge of what they were. Examining a teapot, determining what it is, and what significant meaning it has. HALO is about thinking outside the box, extending our thought process and looking beyond what we see. This terms HALO really channeled us, provoking us to look beyond what is in front of us, whether it is something as significant as the Rosetta Stone or a tea pot.

Our HALO meetings are open to all girls in Year 10 and above, and help us think critically and analytically. HALO works to help girls in their current classes as well as further education were independent thinking is dominant.

Written by Olivia, Sixth Form - Enhanced Learning Prefect 

Posted: 09/06/2018 at 12:13
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