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Headmistress' Blog

Added: 15.01.2018   |  Tags:  Head's Blog
The creative arts is an integral element of providing pupils with a broad and balanced education...
Added: 08.12.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
I, like many of you, was captivated by the recent first episode of ‘Blue Planet II’, wonderfully narrated by Sir David Attenborough.
Added: 05.12.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
Headmistress' assembly - Monday 4th December 2017
Added: 14.11.2017   |  Tags:  Sixth Form Blog  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New  Sport
Creating a happy sporting environment for every girl
Added: 08.11.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
Some of the most powerful words of advice that I was given was to “feel the fear and do it anyway”.
Added: 11.10.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
Headmistress' assembly - Monday 9th October 2017
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