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Headmistress' Blog

Added: 18.09.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New  Sport
Headmistress' assembly - Monday 18th September 2017
Added: 15.09.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
There is a sense of hope and optimism as we prepare to share in the joys and challenges of the year ahead and support our girls to develop into the very best versions of themselves.
Added: 12.09.2017   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
Headmistress' assembly - Thursday 7th September 2017
Added: 06.09.2017   |  Tags:  Sixth Form Blog  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New  Career Pathways
Why is encouraging the arts so important to Kent College, and what do you offer students in the way of lessons and activities relating to the arts?
Added: 12.06.2017   |  Tags:  Sixth Form Blog  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
Key to this is the development of a “growth mindset”, a concept most strongly advocated by the developmental psychologist Professor Carol Dweck.
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