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Headmistress' Blog

Added: 01.10.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
As with all things in education, it is recognising that every learner is an individual that really counts.
Added: 19.09.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
Growing up with a sense of exploration and adventure will equip our young people with the skills, confidence and character to adapt to a rapidly changing world.
Added: 10.09.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
Headmistress' assembly - Monday 10th September 2018
Added: 04.09.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
Headmistress, Julie Lodrick, explains how Kent College takes a completely unique approach.
Added: 30.08.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
What non-academic commitments or projects are you hoping to make as a school for the Academic Year 2018/19?
Added: 22.08.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  Head's Blog  What's New
For those who received their A Level results on Thursday, the weeks of agonising waiting were finally over.
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