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How to cope with stress


Stress! Whether you’re in Year 7 and your biggest stress is trying to remember your P.E. bag, as well as your Food Tech food, or Sixth Form, trying to complete your personal statement, it is sometimes hard to get through school without thinking 'I just want to get out of here and forget about work!' Here are few strategies that have helped me personally.

As clichéd as this may sound, talk to someone about it. Have a rant, get out what's stressing you with someone who cares about you. This can be your parents, a best friend, or your granny (usually they provide heaps of food and that’s always a win-win)! Sometimes just getting it out can make you feel better about a stressful situation.

If you would rather keep your worries to yourself, that’s cool too! Sometimes writing things down can help so it's not stuck in your head. I really would encourage writing a few things about your day down, good and bad. Having both side by side really helps make you feel better.

Although you may feel like work is all you have time for, IT'S NOT! Even if it's for 20 minutes, take a step back and do something you enjoy! Whether it's listening to music, having a scroll through Instagram or facetiming a friend, turn to these when life feels overbearing.

Teenagers especially fuel themselves with foods.Empty calories with unhealthy fats, sugars and salt can trigger stress or cause existing stress to worsen. Now I'm not saying cut out that cheeky digestive with a cup of tea when you have had the longest day at school, but just try and moderate it and you will feel so much more energetic and more willing to do that essay! Also water helps your skin look more clear. Spots probably cause me more stress than homework. Seriously.

Phones are incredibly addictive if there's a group chat happening or you're watching the latest episode of Stranger Things, but your body does need sleep.

So, try and get an early night, everyone, once in a while; your body will love you for it! I hope I've helped.




Posted: 20/12/2017 at 13:03
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