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International School Award


We are delighted to have been awarded the Foundation level British Council International School Award for our international activities with students, staff and outreach projects. Their comments to our application are below.

"This is a very good application from Kent College with a range of international activities involving many staff and students from the College and also reaching out to other local primary schools. It is approved. The depth and breadth of the activities is evidence of a school worthy of recognition of its international activities at Foundation Level and could easily be transferred into an application for the Intermediate Certificate within a short amount of time, especially with a German exchange partner already in existence. The International Study Centre is an interesting development within the school and should benefit those overseas students whose English needs improvement. It would be interesting to learn whether native speakers are part of this centre; this would benefit the overseas students in their learning of English and the native speakers could benefit by acquiring greater knowledge of the home countries of the overseas students. Internationalism is a two-way process which could easily be achieved here. The exchange visits are a well-established way of promoting language development, yet are falling in popularity, so Kent College is to be congratulated in continuing this venture. Teaching lessons to primary students in other languages is an excellent way of introducing younger students to language learning in an enjoyable way and is different to their usual school experience. It is more common overseas so the assessor is pleased to see this happening here in the UK. The Model United Nations days are an excellent way for students to learn about the political, financial and cultural aspects of other countries. It is pleasing to see the wide age range of students involved in these projects, from primary through to the sixth form and clearly the impact on the school as a whole will have been substantial."

The International School Award Team British Council

Posted: 18/03/2020 at 10:29
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