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Is it a car, is it a vacuum cleaner...


Is it a car, is it a vacuum cleaner or a ballbarrow?

Sir James Dyson has just announced that they are investing £2bn to produce an electric car by 2020. He has a team of 400 people dedicated to the project and said “we finally have the opportunity to bring all our technologies together into a single product”. Whilst the decision to make an electric car is not in itself revolutionary, what is different about Dyson is his ability to constantly adapt and change. Some entrepreneurs may have been more than happy to invent the first vacuum cleaner to use cyclonic separation and make their fortune by manufacturing a range of creative vacuum cleaners. Not James Dyson. He is more interested applying creative approaches to solving problems which is the rationale behind his electric car. Dyson says that it is his moral obligation to offer a solution to pollution, the world’s largest environmental risk.  

Not content with designing a cutting edge electric car, he has also established the Dyson Institute, where students can study for an Engineering degree accredited by University of Warwick. Students work in Dyson and are given time out to study.  All tuition fees are met by Dyson.

What drives James Dyson, I wonder? Undeterred by 5,100 prototypes, (or you could say ‘failed vacuum cleaners’), he persevered until he had a break through with the G-Force cleaner in 1993. When no manufacturer would take it on because it threatened their from replacement dust bags, he set up his own company. Dyson has resilience; the toughness to recover from difficulties. We need to ensure that this generation of children leave school with the skills to be productive, responsible and caring members of society and able to cope with the increasingly diverse and globalised world in which they will live.

Posted: 10/10/2017 at 15:59
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