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Life as a new boarder


Arriving on the 6th September as a new boarder in England, when I have never boarded before, was quite a terrifying thought as I did not know what to expect, and so I felt very anxious. I instantly really liked it and the more time I spent in the J & O boarding house, the more comfortable I became with my environment and socialising with the other girls. Mrs. Cable and the rest of the staff members had made me feel very welcome and settled in. She had arranged for us to visit Thorpe Park on the weekend after our first week of school. Not only did I get to know the others better, but it was a fun experience for all of us!

Eventually I started to familiarise myself with the school schedule and went on weekly visits to Tunbridge Wells for shopping, where the minibus would take us on Saturdays. We could also choose to go and watch movies at the cinema, and very recently the Lower Sixth boarders went to the local bowling area on 13th November, which also happened to be my birthday!

We would occasionally plan on doing new activities and fun things to just have a moment without stress or be alone in our rooms, constantly studying or feeling anxious over academic deadlines. Compared to living alone with no siblings at home, I found it better to be sharing a home with other boarders who I can turn to when in need of help with schoolwork or just friends to talk to when feeling bored.

Posted: 20/12/2017 at 13:08
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