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Live at Kent College Senior School

Live at Kent College Senior School


Kent College was proud to receive an over all judgement of ‘outstanding’ in November 2009.  This standard demonstrates exceptional provision and is hard to achieve in any sub-section of the report.  To gain an over all ‘outstanding’ requires that this level is met in at least four out of five areas, including that of organisation.  Therefore, it is rarely given.  In being given a judgement of 'outstanding' Kent College has been sent an award for being an 'Outstanding Provider' and for 'achieving this very high standard of practice'.

Kent College is a vibrant and exciting place with a strong sense of community and fantastic pastoral care.  We are, at our core, a boarding school and specialise in looking after children 24 hours a day,  offering outstanding excellent care and support and providing an exciting extra-curricular programme of activities.

Posted: 05/12/2013 at 05:10

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