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Advice from our 'Old Girls'


"Boarding was a big part of my time at Kent College. It was so much fun and I have so many amazing memories. I made some of my closest friends at Kent College. I learnt so much from people’s different experiences, opinions and backgrounds and am still in touch with many of my boarding friends. It’s important to get the most out of boarding, so get involved in as many activities as possible, whilst also taking out time for yourself. You do get over the homesickness!"

Kunmi, BA (Hons) International Politics and International Studies at University of Warwick. Finishing a Postgraduate Law degree at Bristol University. Left Kent College in 2013.

"I loved boarding at Kent College.The boarding community has allowed me to be independent and adaptable. I have learned many values from my time spent in the boarding houses; values that are becoming increasingly important in today’s society such as tolerance and respect for other people’s points of view. In fact, I have come to embrace and be fascinated by the different cultures, attitudes, and experiences we all have as individuals. I had the honour of being the Head of Boarders during my last year at Kent College, which has helped strengthen my leadership skills as I worked alongside both the staff and the students towards creating a sense of home for the boarders here at Kent College. Most importantly, I have met the most wonderful people and made life-long friends from all over the world who will always be my family.

Remember that the boarding house is your home and the people are your family. But also, like my first Housemaster once said me,“give yourself a chance”. Making a home for yourself takes time, just like building a house. Be patient with yourself and try to engage in everything the community has to offer and know that you are experiencing the moments that will stay with you for the rest of your lives."

Pim, Currently studying English at New York University, Left Kent College in 2016

"Having left KC in the 1980s, I have forged a career working for companies like Shell in countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Nigeria, the Netherlands, the UK and US. I now run my own organisation effectiveness and HR consulting company called Habiba Balogan Consulting. I am also a social justice activist and am one of the co-ordinators of the Bring Back Our Girls movement in Lagos advocating for the safe return of the kidnapped Chibok school girls, and safe schools. I also support several NGOs, development organisations, and aid agencies with technical support in advocacy, fundraising, strategic planning, and capacity building. One of them is KIND (Kudirat Initiative for Democracy) that provides leadership training for women and girls, and is encouraging more women to go into politics and run for elected offices.

My time at Kent College taught me so much, but most importantly sportsmanship and being a team player. I learnt to be competitive, but gracious. I made lifelong friends during my time at KC and still see some of them several times a year.

View your time at KC as an opportunity to forge your own path, and discover who you can be. Seek out girls who are different from you and explore what their worlds are like and how they see life differently from you. Remember, all boarders are in more or less in the same boat, so be quick to ask for help, and lean on others when you are down. Enjoy it! It will be over all too soon and the ‘real world’ that you were so looking forward to joining, comes with a whole load of responsibilities"  

Habiba BA Hons French with Italian at Royal Holloway, University of London, MA in Organisation Management at George Washington University, Washington DC. Alumnus, Harvard Business School Executive Education in Strategic Leadership, Left Kent College in 1984.

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