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Being a KC Boarder



Current Year 6

Favourite subjects:

Drama, English and PE.

Tell us about Kent College:

Kent College is a lovely welcoming school and I like all the teachers and pupils.

Tell us about boarding:

I like all the staff, the activities held at the weekend and the food! At the weekend my favourite activities are going to Chessington and Thorpe Park Theme Parks, Ice Skating, Shopping, Bowling, Chocolate making and Benchball.


My achievements at KC so far have been becoming House Captain of Saxons, getting into the swimming team, going for a Drama scholarship, getting badges for trampolining and going on a very high roller coaster because Miss Powley encouraged me to!



Current Year 7

Favourite subjects:

Maths, English, PE, Textiles and Food Technology

Tell us about Kent College:

I like the small classes at Kent College and the friendly teachers and nice friends I have made.

Tell us about boarding:

Boarding is amazing, being with friends all the time and the breakfast is delicious. We are like family to each other.


My Favourite weekend activities are Skaking, Thorpe Park Theme Park, Cinema, Temper Temper Chocolate Making, Rock Climbing and Shopping.


My biggest achievement is being in the netball team.



Current Year 9

Favourite Subjects:

Art, PE. Science, Geography


I love visits to amusement parks and baking, but I love the boarders pantomine which is exhilarating. I really love that we get to go outside so much for activities such as swimming and bench ball.


At my last school I was an average school girl getting regular grades, but now I'm almost always the top of the class. I feel much more confident being in an all girls school. I've also learnt to be much more independent.

Tell us about boarding:

The weekend activities are awesome and you have fun mixing with different year groups.

Tell us about Kent College:

KC is a warm friendly environment, as a boarder you can get homesick, but we always have friends around us for comfort (and they have nice bread!)



Current Upper Sixth 

Currently studying Psychology, Biology and Geography

Favourite bit about boarding:

All the people that board are like a big family, and they double up to be your closest friends too. There are lots of activities within boarding, making the family even closer.

Favourite bit about Kent College:

I love the friendly atmosphere and all the different opportunities we get here.

Plans for the future:

My plans are to study Psychology at University, and just see where the degree takes me


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