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Boarding Activities


Click here to download a copy of the Activities Brochure

During the week, boarders take part, along with the day girls, in a busy programme of lunchtime and afterschool activities. Evening supper is held from 6.00pm -6.30pm, after which there are additional boarders' activities . These might include horse riding, swimming, trampolining, rounders or fun games.  Being onsite, the girls are regularly called upon to help out with evening events in the theatre, and they enjoy the responsibility of these important roles.

Weekend activities might include a visit to a theme park, cinema or skating rink, a cycle ride, a trip to London for shopping and galleries, craft activities and multi-sport competitions suited to the age and interests of the girls. Workshops are sometimes staged at school by teachers and visiting experts on subjects ranging from drama and dance to cookery and craftwork.

The younger girls are fully entertained with a diverse schedule of supervised events whilst the senior boarders have more independence to organise their time between study and relaxation. The freedom to go out is an important part of boarding life and on Saturdays, school minibuses take senior students into Tunbridge Wells for shopping trips. We are fortunate to be less than an hour away from two large shopping complexes, Bluewater and Lakeside, where trips are organised for the girls.  On Saturday nights, the senior boarders are regularly taken to the cinema.

Locally there is a rich history and heritage to explore and, with London only 40 minutes away by train, students enjoy organised trips to concerts, art galleries, museums and West End theatre productions.

 There are various events that occur regularly throughout the school year and many of these are organised by the boarders. Such as the Charity Themed Dinner and The Boarders’ Farewell BBQ, both are great opportunities for all boarding girls to socialise and have fun.

The Boarders’ Festive Show is always a hotly anticipated and enjoyable event.  Boarders organise all parts of this production in the Autumn term from costume and set design to acting, choreographing and lighting. 

Other events throughout the school calendar include dinners, the KC Runway Fashion Show and concerts.  




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