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Flexi-Boarding at Kent College


As the name suggests, flexi-boarding is all about providing flexibility and this low cost service is increasingly popular with our day girls.  Often the service is used because a girl has an activity after school, fixtures on a Saturday, or a parent may need to be out in the evening.  Flexi-boarding enables girls to enjoy the comforts of home whilst staying with friends in school.

Flexi-boarding is offered from Year 4 and girls who use the service join either boarding house depending on their age.  All are welcomed into the boarding community by both staff and girls alike.

"I think that flexi-boarding is really good because I have made lots of friends and it is really nice actually being at school but feeling that you are at home as well.  It’s a great balance.”
  Year 8 Flexi-boarder

"Flexi-boarding is great because you feel like you have so much more time in the evenings.  The rooms look lovely, the beds are very comfy and there’s always plenty to do.  You even get a super breakfast!”
Year 9 Flexi-boarder

Flexi-boarding taster days for new girls are held throughout the school year. Girls can flexi- board from one night up to 3 nights at a time.  At £48.00 per night this includes dinner and breakfast.  The main dining hall provides cooked breakfasts and a wide choice of hot and cold dishes with a salad bar at lunchtimes and in the evenings. 

Parents wishing their daughter to flexi-board in Hawkwell & Hargreaves should contact HandH@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk (Prep School to Year 9)  for availability and booking. 

For Senior flexi-boarding in James and Osborn please contact JandO@kentcollege.kent.sch.uk (Year 10 to Upper Sixth).

We ask that when booking, at least one week’s advance notice should be given.

Senior School Open Morning
Thursday 27 April 2017
9.15am - 1.00pm
Head's Presentation at 10.00am


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