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Forces Families


The Kent College Forces community is very special and staff are experienced in dealing with the particular needs of these families.  Many boarders have parents who are serving with the British Armed forces and are lively, kind, tolerant and loyal members of this community.  As for all our girls, the safety, security and happiness of each boarder is paramount and all staff ensure that they understand each girls emotional and physical needs.  Parents and Guardians are always well informed.

Living at KC

Girls thrive in our beautiful, rural grounds and homely boarding houses.  They are given the freedom and support to grow into outstanding young ladies who have a healthy sense of belief in their own abilities.

All girls receive superb, nurturing care and support from our pastoral team.  This includes: dedicated boarding staff, form tutors, pastoral and academic leadership teams, mentors, special needs coordinators, subject teachers, resident chaplain, school counsellor and school nurse.  We are a vibrant, caring school with a wealth of experience in supporting Forces families and caring for your daughter.

Forces' Discount

The School offers members of the Armed Forces a 20% discount off the full boarding fees.

Fees for Senior School Based on termly fees for academic year
Full boarding and tuition fees £10,926
Less 20%  
Sub-balance £8,740.80


Kitchener Scholarships 

In recent years, a number of our Year 13 leavers have gained Kitchener Scholarships. We are extremely proud of our students for achieving these well deserved scholarships. Scholarship are worth up to £1,000 and are available to members of the armed forces' families.




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