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May the force be with you


Family arrangements meant that I had not one, but two cinema trips over Christmas to see Star Wars, enjoying it even more the second time around. I liked the way in which this last and final episode in the story remained true to the original concepts of design, technology and most importantly, the values that were espoused in the very first film - the power of family, friendship and teamwork. Within those themes, both the central characters, Rey and Ben were on a journey of discovery to learn that their true selves were more than good enough. They didn’t need masks or lightsabers to be extraordinary human beings. I hope that many of our pupils who are old enough, will have been to see Star Wars this holiday and taken that message away with them. 

Reflecting further on what more parents and we as teachers can do to help the children in our care develop their sense of self-worth, I wonder if there is something around encouraging them to take as many opportunities for adventure and exploration as they can. Duke of Edinburgh expeditions for example, taking up a new and unusual sport, or auditioning for a role on the stage are all exciting beginnings and open up a whole new world where untapped talent can emerge naturally. The start of a new year, and decade, is the perfect time to help young people seek out the opportunities that are there in abundance at school. Taking the first step is always the most difficult but with support and encouragement from parents and teachers, children will feel able to give it a go.  As Princess Leia said to Rey as she embarked on her adventure, “never be afraid of who you are”.  Perhaps an adventure might do us as adults the power of good too…

Posted: 16/01/2020 at 15:35
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