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Nepal 2017


Our trip to Nepal was a life changing experience. Starting in Kathmandu we traveled 8 hours to Pokhara despite the rickety bus and lack of space we were able to keep ourselves occupied with Millie's struggling attempt to teach us sign language whilst Prim and Olivia were flung into the air when we went over one of Nepal’s many pot-holes.  Next stop was the local school Shree Durali (KC Nepal). We arrived showered in the local flower which there seemed to be an endless supply of. Their welcome was more than friendly and it was our joy to show them the bags filled of gifts which were generously donated. After we were treated to lunch we took our first shot at teaching the kids. Facing some challenges with paints and the obvious language barrier we enjoyed getting to know a lot of the kids. Over the next two days we took to teaching all four classes different subjects including English, Math, Science, sports and arts and crafts, finishing our visit off with a sports day where everyone left a winner. Despite some challenges, like setting paper on fire and demanding phrases like “ give me colour” or “give me paper“, overall our experience of teaching was a good one. One of our favourite moments at the school would be in the afternoons when most of the kids had gone and the local children would come back in their pyjamas. Dancing and teaching them games like duck duck goose and the hokey cokey. In return they would teach us some of their local games which we had stuck in our heads for the rest of the trip. At the end of the day we were all treated to a generous gift from people with very little themselves. We said our goodbyes and watched over 100 pupils leave on one small rickety bus and one car that was jammed packed with 26 kids standing in the back of the truck. 

As our parting gift, the school and local village asked us to start off their Festival of Lights celebrations. We decided to do our rendition of ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ or as we liked to call it ‘Shine Shine Shine’. The night was filled with endless traditional dancing which was effortlessly carried out by the locals and not so effortlessly by us. Eventually parting ways we sorrowfully left the school and embarked on our four day trek up to Poon Hill. Arriving at the first guest house at the start of the trek was blissful despite the cold shower which we greeted with open arms as it was our first shower in four days. The next day we were almost ready to start the next few days including a very brave and sick Emma who took the uphill challenge head on. On the first and longest day we were introduced to the Nepalese way of trekking - everything is only 30 minutes away, (even though we were really four hours away from our destination), or that the walk would be a steady incline (whilst we struggled up what felt like an eighty degree gradient). Finally, we reached the guest house which thankfully have a warm shower!

We trekked our way up poon Hill at 4am to watch the sunrise over the Himalayan mountains, before trekking once again. At the end of the trek, Millie and I looked death in the eye on the bus journey down the mountain when we realized that we maybe shouldn’t have had our windows open that much when we were inches away from a cliff. Arriving safely in Pokhara again, we experienced a meal for the first time that didn’t consist of combination of rice, pasta and potatoes in the same meal. Like I said the trip was an experience and one I know I will never forgot and one I will always be grateful for.

By Olivia, Lower Sixth 

Posted: 06/11/2017 at 16:55
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