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Open mic lunch


Colin the Caterpillar, Adele and fifteen girls. This peculiar combination came together on Wednesday, 1st November, for Kent College’s first, and definitely not last, Open Mic Lunch.

In the midst of first-term frenzy, I felt a good stint of Disney was needed. Dipping into the steadily mounting pile of books, and of course the steadily shrinking pile of food, girls chose everything from pop to film to musical theatre.

It was so good to see the spontaneous enthusiasm that filled up the room, with those there defined by their love of a good tune, rather than year group or musical standard.

There were ensembles that started with two Year 7s and soon broadened out to the whole room joining in, as well as beautiful solos and duets, such as one girl’s rendition of Skyfall: piano accompaniment and all!

However, my personal highlight and the most touching thing in this hour, was in the midst of my hurry to gather the music, set up the microphones, make sure I didn’t leave Colin (the Caterpillar) in the fridge, the Year 7s and 9s decided to go to the lunch hall and bring down all the packed lunches. Something as simple and selfless as that was what stood out to me most.

What this little lunch has proved to me, is that music is a thing of unity. It doesn’t matter whether you are performing in Carnegie Hall or Music Room 1, you are still listening, inspiring, creating. That is what music is.


Posted: 20/12/2017 at 13:11
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