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Outstanding Care


We put the welfare of our girls at the forefront of all that we do. At Kent College we work hard to ensure that any pastoral matters are addressed in a timely, sympathetic and appropriate manner.

The well-being of each girl is under the care of their form tutor, who is also a key point of contact for parents. Regular form time allows girls to make friends, talk with their tutor, discuss current affairs, set targets and work on team building. Form time is a valuable opportunity for girls to discuss with their tutor any concerns which they may have.

The Senior School has three divisions: Lower School (Years 7 & 8), Middle School (Years 9,10 & 11) and Sixth Form.There is a Head of School for each division, all of whom sit on the Senior Leadership team. Our Heads of School are:

Mrs Louise Hallam - Head of Lower School Mrs Wendy Young Min – Head of Middle School Mr Matt Wilson – Head of Sixth Form

Our Heads of School are supported by a team of Senior Tutors.The pastoral team meet regularly. Girls’ pastoral support is discussed and appropriate action is taken and followed through.

Girls also have access to our mentoring scheme. Staff mentors are available for any girl who may want or require guidance with elements of their daily life such as organisation, relationships or academic work. We also have a specially trained group of peer mentors from Year 11 and Sixth Form, who are available for younger pupils to meet regularly.

Our counsellor visits on a weekly basis. We also have an Independent Listener, whose phone number is displayed around school for pupils to call. Additionally, our full time Chaplain is available for all members of the school community. He runs communion during a Monday lunch time, regularly takes assembly and can usually be located in the Chaplaincy Centre, which is at the heart of the school campus.

Finally, we are incredibly proud of our Sport and Wellbeing programme, in which our girls are free, on at least one afternoon a week, to explore their sporting or extra curricular interests, away from the demands of the classroom.This unique approach to health and well-being enables Kent College girls to thrive, even when their academic studies are demanding.

Posted: 17/10/2018 at 12:44
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