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School Trips



This year's visit to Shree Deurali saw the volunteers spending their time teaching the younger children, as well as meeting all the pupils and their teachers. At the start of half term, the eight girls arrived in Kathmandu and from there drove to the school, tucked away in the mountains of Nepal. The Nepalese students and teachers there were all really welcoming to the girls, with KC students reporting, “They were all so excited to see us”. One girl spoke of how, “They gave [us] flowers all the time”. The trip also included travelling across the countryside on a trek that lasted four days and a day white water rafting on the way back to Kathmandu.

The volunteers learnt that the school is currently trying to raise money for a bus, as the students have to pile into a small truck that is not spacious enough. The money that Kent College raises for them has had a big impact in the past and hopefully we can continue to help them in the future, including raising money for their bus.

All those who went to Nepal talked about the unique experience and how they would love to go back to the school in the future.


The trip to Greece was open to anyone in Year 10 to Upper Sixth and it was packed full of visits to multiple locations in Greece, including Athens, Delphi, Tolo, Corinth, Epidaurus, Bassae, Thorikos and Mycenae.

The trip involved visiting lots of temples and ruined sites. One student said that her favourite location was Bassae because, “It has one of the only temples that is nearly complete so you get a really good sense of what temples were actually like”.

Another student said, “The best thing about Greece was getting to know people in other years”. Evidently, the trip was an amazing experience, packed with culture and history.


This trip to Spain took girls from Year 10 and 11 to the city of Malaga, where they stayed with host families and attended a language school. Other highlights of the trip were a visit to Málaga, Musulmana, a day trip to Grenada and a visit to Nerja and Frigiliana as well as Volley Beach.

The trip was not only enjoyable but has helped many with their knowledge of the language. One student said, “My understanding of Spanish has improved”, and that she believes it should be run again in the future as, “It helps with vocabulary for GCSE”.

To add to the enjoyment of the trip, the girls also spent a lot of time in the sunshine and eating lots of delicious food, which made this trip both useful and unforgettable.



Posted: 20/12/2017 at 13:18
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