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Speech Day 2017 to 2018


This morning we reflected upon and celebrated the end of a successful year. We were delighted to welcome Margaret Sentamu, as our Guest of Honour.

Emma, in the Lower Sixth, recently wrote an article on Margaret for Insight Magazine.

"This year's Speech Day speaker is Margaret Sentamu, a truly remarkable woman. Through her work with charity and the church, she has devoted her time to improving the lives of many people. She has worked in the private, public sector and third sector but now she works as a freelance Leadership Development consultant with a focus on diversity.

As patron/trustee of many charities, her work focuses on the likes of education, health and battling poverty around the world. Some of the charities she works with include Traidcraft, where she was the non-executive director and Mildmay, where she is director.

Mildmay is a charity that works to give “quality care and treatment, prevention work, rehabilitation, training, education” to HIV patients in the UK and East Africa. Traidcraft, whose slogan is “Fighting poverty through trade” work to do just that and have a vision of a world “free from the scandal of poverty”.

Among these jobs she works as a Lay Adjudicator for the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and a Lay Assessor for the CIPFA member accountants who breach the Code of Conduct and bye-laws. She also has the role of non-executive director of the Leeds and York Mental Health Trust based in York where she lives. She is also mother to two biological children and two foster children.

Her role within the church included a period of time where she oversaw the team in charge of recruitment and the training of the Clergy for the Church of England as a Senior Selection Secretary. However, she is now more commonly sought out as a public speaker and preacher and enjoys offering hospitality and support to those in the Anglican community.

Margaret Sentamu was born and raised in Uganda under the cruel rule of Idi Amin, who’s regime is infamous for being extremely brutal. University educated, she moved to England in 1974 with her husband who was taking a job at Cambridge University. She has remained here ever since.

One of her most admirable attributes is her willingness to turn her own experiences of growing up in Uganda, to shine a light on the issues the country is facing and then tirelessly work to address them.

In my opinion, Mrs Sentamu is the perfect choice of speaker for Kent College Speech Day because, although she is not a Methodist, she clearly embodies the famous words of John Wesley that we hold so dearly at our school. She is an inspiration and a fearless woman.

Her husband is Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, the second-most important man in the Church of England. However, at Speech Day we will be celebrating Margaret’s achievements as well as our own, at the end of this very successful school year."

Posted: 06/07/2018 at 15:17
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