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West Kent Independent State Schools Partnership


We are fortunate to have many types of schools in this area, all offering something different and each with their own strengths.  Whether state, grammar, academy, independent or a special educational needs school, each provides an excellent education.  There may well be debate about the merits of each model and, whatever your view, the fact of the matter is that we do have more choice when compared to our neighbouring counties. 

Through conversations with my fellow Heads, it became clear that due to pressures from all angles, we were in danger of becoming increasingly inward-looking to ensure the best outcomes for our own schools.  How wonderful it would be to pool our resources and provide higher aspirational learning opportunities that we cannot offer individually.

With some exciting and creative thinking this has been achieved and the West Kent Independent State Schools Partnership has been set up.  So far, there are 8 schools who have joined the partnership: Beechwood Sacred Heart School, The Judd School, Kent College Pembury, The Malling School, Mascalls Academy, Oakley School, Skinners Kent Academy and Skinners School.  The project will not only benefit pupils, but also enable our teachers to extend their professional development, free from curriculum constraints.  We are planning a day of inspirational workshops in June for our most able and interested students, led by teachers from the partner schools.  It has been inspiring launching the project and the journey is only just beginning. 

As the US educationist George Dei said, ‘Inclusion is not bringing people into what already exists; it is making a better space for everyone.’  Together, the schools in and around Tunbridge Wells are now not only committed to achieving excellence for the pupils in their own care, but also to working together for the benefit of our combined community.   


Posted: 07/03/2019 at 14:05
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