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Summer holidays


With exam season now over it’s time for pupils to relax but how do you encourage them to stay engaged with learning over the summer holidays?

The summer holiday should be about balance. Rest, relaxation and fun are equally as important as activities to keep children intellectually alert. Providing children with a range of activities that will stimulate and engage them will, in turn, provide them with thoughts and ideas for the year ahead. Learning a new skill could be the focus for the summer, which could also be a family project. For example, if you child is old enough, consider asking them to choose and plan a family trip.

Summer holidays should also be about letting individuality flourish, directing our mental curiosity in its own unique way. At Kent College, we find our girls return from their holidays with a new maturity and focus on their goals.  Certainly in an age of constant stimulation from social media and instant digital information, opportunities to allow our minds time to have flashes of inspiration are becoming few and far between. As the poet Davies put it: life sadly leaves us little “time to stand and stare” at the beauties of the natural world around us.

And what better for the long summer holiday than to have an outdoors project, where children can learn so much and have fun learning how to build a den or pond dipping.  The Duchess of Cambridge made debut at the Chelsea Flower Show this year with a garden to encourage children to spend time outdoors. As part of this, she has recently launched a competition with Blue Peter for a decorative garden sculpture. What a great competition for children to take part in. We know that nature and the environment can have a really positive impact on childhood development and for older students, spending time outdoors is invaluable in helping to maintain good mental health and physical wellbeing.

Posted: 09/07/2019 at 09:08
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