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The Importance of Partnerships


Kent College has always valued the links it has with our local community, as well as our collaboration with schools in the area.  As a boarding school, we are fortunate to have strong connections with schools, charities and organisations across the country and globally.  We are also one of the UK’s Methodist Independent Schools, where community involvement is an integral part of the school’s ethos and doing ‘all the good you can’ is central to every aspect of school life.

The starting point for all these partnerships is finding ways to share expertise, knowledge and good practice, and to provide young people with as many high quality opportunities as possible.  It is right that independent schools are being asked to demonstrate our public benefit so that our impact on the local community can be seen as a tangible benefit. We aim to add value by making the school more accessible to pupils whose families do not have the financial means to meet the cost of school fees, and we continue to look for ways to continue to widen access.

I am delighted that we have established the West Kent Independent State Schools Partnership, a collaboration of 8 secondary schools in the local area. We were all excited by the response to our inaugural events earlier this year and are now looking forward to the projects planned for next year, including all 8 schools taking part in the school’s race at the Tunbridge Wells Soapbox Challenge at Dunorlan Park in June 2020. 

By working together with other schools and reaching out to all our community networks, both at home and overseas, we provide opportunities for all pupils to make that difference that they want to see in the world today.

Ms Julie Lodrick, Headmistress

Posted: 29/11/2019 at 11:52
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