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The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera


Staging The Phantom of the Opera at Kent College has been a long term ambition of Mr Ashton, our Head of Drama. It has been an extremely ambitious project, not least because of the enormity of the theatrical and musical demands placed on the performers.

Our theatre, which was transformed into a breathtaking Paris opera house, was a fitting stage for the wealth of talent at Kent College and the girls are carrying off their demanding roles with aplomb. We also welcomed a small group of talented young men from surrounding schools and colleges to join the cast, who were a delight to work with.

The Phantom of the Opera is full of challenging music and I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to take a few of the musical rehearsals. I witnessed the commitment of the cast, orchestra and backstage team as they rise to the challenge of this extraordinary production.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the vision and direction of Mr Ashton and Mrs Cable, our Head of Productions. It has been inspiring to watch their determination and focus. Mr Kent-Davies, Mrs Bruce and Mrs Pusey from the Music Department have also worked incredibly hard with the cast and orchestra on the score.

The Phantom of the Opera is the biggest production we have mounted at Kent College for a number of years. Thank you to all the parents and staff who supported the demanding rehearsal schedule. I have no doubt that you are as proud of the students as I am.

Ms Julie Lodrick, Headmistress 


  • On Tuesday night I had great good fortune to attend the Kent College production of “Phantom of the Opera” involving two of our former pupils, S Chappell Salmon and L Myburgh.  From the opening notes of the band to the final descent of the cleverly projected luxurious curtain, the performance reached exceptional standards and was worthy of any West End theatre.
    The theatre had been transformed into a magnificently opulent Opera.  Glittering costumes, fabulous sets, gorgeous choreography, inventive staging and impressive lighting all served to set a wonderful backdrop to some excellent singing by leads and ensembles. It really was fabulous, an incredible achievement. I commend it and the school to you as a dynamic experience.

  •  My eldest Emily and I attended last night and were blown away by the performance. Such talent amongst the cast, the orchestra and backstage too.  A truly memorable evening that I shall remember for years to come.  Everyone thoroughly deserved their standing ovation!"

  • "Wow! That was some performance. We find it hard to believe that, really, this was a performance by children! What strong voices and what about the scenery."
  • "Totally blown away by @KentCollegePemb performance of The Phantom of the Opera! So many talented performers, stunning set - songs that send shivers!"
  • "Enjoyed a brilliant production of the musical Phantom of the Opera by KC. Very well done to all involved for a first class show. Thoroughly entertaining."
  • "Absolutely fantastic. Blown away. What a production. Love KC! Well done Mr Ashton and Mrs Cable et al! Some production that was."
  • "What an AMAZING night at Phantom. Can't quite believe how great that was, such a depth of vocal talent. Best KC production yet."
  • "Phantom of the Opera was a show of excellence, a lesson in how to put on a show and a bit of a do. Thank you."
  • "Absolutely blown away by the gala performance of Phantom of the opera at @KentCollegePemb last night. Enthralled throughout by so much talent and emotion. Very well done to all involved. Every show sold out and I wish there were more."
  • "Excellent show. Amazing orchestra, stage set and costumes. Entire cast gave it their all and so proud of Carlito."
  • "Extraordinary week of performances of Phantom of the Opera. If you didn’t see it, you missed an absolute treat. It was jaw-droppingly spectacular. At times, I thought I was in the West End. Congratulations."
  • "Congratulations to the cast and crew of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ this week. The extraordinary array of talent, a breathtaking set and the stunning orchestra will be forever in our collective memory. I am immeasurably proud of you all."
  • "To all the ladies and young men taking part in their (final and Gala) performances today at KC. My daughter (red team) doesn’t want it to end, and I’d like to say THANK YOU to all of you, cast, students and the staff for the for an amazing performance. Your talent is inspiring." 
  • "Wow…blown away by the opening night of Phantom at KC. Absolutely amazing and so professional."
  • "Please add my congratulations to the many already sent to the girls who took part in the production of Phantom of the Opera, they all did so well and it was a truly spectacular evening. I could not get over the maturity and poise of the leading ladies in handling such demanding roles, each created a wholly convincing presence on stage. I'm so pleased there were men in the cast, it was the first time I had seen a senior school production and it was another sign of the confidence of the drama department. It was such a memorable evening, a courageous choice of drama and as you observed Julie, it is now part of the history of the school."
  • "I came to see your production of Phantom of The Opera last week and wanted to drop you a quick email to say how absolutely wonderful it was. I have no idea how you do it - it was moving, visually stunning and the talented cast were obviously incredibly well rehearsed. I left Kent College in 2003 and one of the things my time at KC instilled in me was a love for the theatre. Anyway, congratulations on such an incredible show - I really felt like I’d been to the west end, what lucky students you have (and what lucky students we were!)."
  • "What an amazing performance of Phantom we were lucky to see on Friday evening! Absolutely brilliant and the school should be deservedly proud of it. I mentioned it to my oldest daughter who would have left KC 20 years ago before Sixth Form and she recalled Mr Ashton and his ambitious productions even in those days. She was not into drama but one of her friends performed in a production which I cannot recall but which was apparently taken by the school to the States! I hope Saturday night’s performance of the girls as well as yours and Nick’s was as successful as Friday night’s."

  • "My mother and father in-law attended Friday night’s performance, and my wife, Caroline, and I, attended the gala event on Saturday night. We all wanted to pass on our congratulations, and thanks, to the cast and your entire team, for the absolutely stunning performances we witnessed. They were both magical evenings, and the level of talent on display, considering the average age of the performers, was breath-taking. I know that there must have been some very long hours, coupled with a substantial amount of hard work put in by all those involved, to be able to reach such a standard of excellence on both evenings. The sets, costumes, lighting and orchestra were all first class and enhanced all of the performances. They really were amazing evenings, and you and your team should be immensely proud of what you achieved, as should each and every one of the cast and support team. I am not sure how you will top this next year, but with such a commitment to excellence, I have no doubt you will. Please feel free to share this message with all those that were involved."

  • "We really enjoyed Saturday night's superb gala performance of Phantom and the cabaret was full of unexpected surprises, including your singing! What a role model for the girls. Many thanks and huge congratulations to all involved in this magical show. Words cannot describe how outstanding the whole production was, to echo your sentiments."

  • "I feel compelled to write to you this morning after my daughter & I are still relishing in last nights performance of The Phantom by your girls. I must commend you on what was a truly professional production from start to finish. We were blown away by the angelic voices, the stage presence of all performers, the costumes, the orchestra and the set. A huge pat on the back to you all, it was not what we were expecting from a school production. It was truly west end worthy. I will be looking forward to the next show as I can foresee this will become a regular feature on my calendar from now on. Thank you for the memories and until next time."

  • "I just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed being involved (in a small way!) in the ‘Phantom’ production. It really made me realise how much I miss a creative outlet and the amazing energy behind such a triumphant production. That coupled with the nostalgia of being back at KC was so wonderful. Many thanks again for your time and ‘Congratulations!’ for another fabulous achievement for the school."
  • "I just wanted to send my congratulations to the whole cast and team for the amazing performance last night of Phantom of the Opera. It is without doubt the most stunning performance that I have had the privilege to see at KC and I can honestly say that it would not have been out of place on Broadway or The West End! Please do pass on my congratulations to everyone."

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Posted: 12/01/2018 at 15:25
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