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Shree Deurali Primary School

Kent College has sponsored the Shree Deurali Primary English School (affectionately known as KC Nepal) based in the remote region of Lahachok, near Pokhara, in Nepal since 2005, and every year we fundraise through organised events such as the sponsored walk in order to continue our support of the region’s only English-medium school.  Over the years, Kent College has been able to fund the building of new classrooms and toilets, has enabled fresh running water to be available at the site and has supported teachers and teaching resources and funded teacher training.
In 2007, Kent College’s Head of Outdoor Education, Carol Davidson, visited the school with SHIVA Charity to ensure that the school’s fundraising efforts were making a difference.
"It is wonderful to see how the school has grown and developed.  When I came back from my initial visit, in all honesty I never thought we would be able to take a group of girls from KC to Nepal.  Having now just returned from our second trip it now seems like the natural thing to do.  The girls have developed friendships that will last a lifetime and we plan for many more visits.”
In 2012 we took our first group of girls from KC to visit Shree Deurali school. The girls loved the opportunity to help the Nepali teachers to take lessons in the classrooms and organised activities and games for the children at the school, including a sports day.We camped at the school grounds and many of the Nepali children stayed long after school to continue to talk and play with their new friends.Some girls successfully combined visiting the school with completing their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Expedition in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas.We are currently planning our next visit, and are hoping to implement a food programme for the children at the school.

Make a Difference

To guarantee the children at Shree Deurali Primary English School have a brighter future we are asking parents, governors, friends and KC girls for just £5 a month, with a sponsorship commitment of five years. This money could be used for providing lunch, uniforms, text books, exercise books, pens and pencils, teaching resources, teacher training and in time, new classrooms. This list is not exhaustive and as the school develops so will the needs of the students in Nepal.
If you would like to be a part of the future of Shree Deurali Primary English School please click here. For more information or to learn how to donate, please contact Mrs Carol Davidson on

Shree Deurali Primary School Prayer

Oh! My God makes me ready,to serve the poor.
Oh! My teacher help me to learn,things around the world.
Oh! My Mother love me much,showing the way life.
Oh! My father teach me,lesson live and let to alive.
Oh! My friends inspire me,to do something good.
We are country driver,so learn with sound mind and mood.
The path is Deurali, we are very bold.
We make our motherland
Heaven in the world.

With thanks to the Preparatory and Senior School Parents' Associations for their continued support


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