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Continuity of education


Kent College is committed to providing continuity of education during this difficult time.  To do this we have enthusiastically embraced online remote learning. New technology and personalised support are combined to keep our girls learning, whilst also maintaining the excellent pastoral care that sets us apart from other schools. Learning can be remote but the girls don’t have to feel alone.

We were well prepared for this shut down. We already use Firefly, a remote learning platform which enables our teachers to set tasks online, they can embed videos (many made by our own staff), set quizzes and create discussion groups. Other virtual learning platforms such as MathsWatch and Kahoot are also easily embedded for the girls to access.  Work is easily submitted and marked online, so the feedback that is essential to quality learning continues to help our girls make fantastic progress. This also means that there is no need to print resources at home.

We are also very mindful that this can be a difficult time for parents who are also probably very busy working from home. As a result, we require that the girls follow their normal timetable of lessons. Furthermore, all staff are using Zoom, a live video meeting platform for teaching. This means that girls still have face to face time with their teachers during many of their normal lessons. Girls and staff all agree that this has been incredible and whilst it does not beat being in a classroom, but it is a very good substitute. The girls enjoy using Zoom as it is possible to have a whole class on the screen at once, so students can see each other participating in the lessons. This connection with each other is vital.

As well as maintaining the academic provision for the girls, we are investing equal time, energy and resource into supporting them pastorally, just as we would when they are at school.  We are continuing with form time at the beginning of the day when tutors ensure that the girls and their families are all well.  Tutors are also checking that girls are coping with the work being delivered and set, and that their friendships and online social lives are happy and healthy.   Our Chaplain is recording his weekly assembly for the girls, which reinforces our school ethos of doing ‘all the good you can’.

We are very mindful that there is risk of burnout with this remote approach, so our staff are working hard to keep their lessons varied and interesting, exploring new tools and approaches on a daily basis. This is a difficult time, but at Kent College we are embracing the challenge and are proud that we can continue to provide our girls with the care and excellent education that makes our school unique.


Our Admissions team are on hand to speak to about joining us, applications, interviews and testing. Senior staff are available to speak to on the phone, Skype, Facetime or Zoom. For further information on Admissions click here.

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