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What does it mean to be fearless?


I’m Millie and I am the new Head Girl at Kent College as of September. I am not a fearless girl so, when I first started writing this speech I thought I was a fraud, I thought to myself, I’m not fearless, I have fears.

If I came face to face with a sloth or was forced to ride a bike, I would run to the hills. But I soon realised that this can’t be the sort of fearless everyone is talking about. So I went to the source of all knowledge here at KC, Ms. Church the English teacher. And, in some ways, she agreed with me, she admitted that she would fear someone who was fearless- just how I had interpreted the word. So, she wasn’t the best help really.

I therefore went to the place where we all go when we’re in need of answers, Google. And Google gives a long definition about what fearless means, but the general gist is that to be fearless, is to be confident and have courage.

I soon found myself researching celebrities who inspire me such as Emma Watson and Malala fighting for equality, Emma Gonzalez for speaking up about her beliefs, even if it means going against her own president, Ashley Graham for helping young people accept themselves for who they are.

And, after making a long list of all the people who are fearless and inspirations in the world I realised that although they are incredible and great role models they’re not real; well, I mean, of course they’re real people, but I’ve never met them, I don’t know what they’re actually like. And I started to wonder, why is it that, when asked about who inspires us, we are driven to talk about those in the media, celebrities who we’ve never met, when, in reality, we have people around us who can inspire and support us more.

I therefore realised that we should look to those around us who are fearless, our friends who put up with us and therefore show us that we’re enough. Our parents who encourage us to be caring, generous and loving. And, though they are often overlooked, our teachers, who give us the confidence to believe in ourselves even when we are riddled with self-doubt.

These people not only inspire us to be, but help us to become, fearless. And when I look back at my younger self, little Millie in Year 7 emerging into the big wide world that is Kent College, I see how much these people around me have influenced who I am now. I have changed a lot since my first day here through the help of my fellow fearless girls.

When I wrote that line of my speech, not only did it not sound as cheesy in my head as it does out loud, but I realised that I referred to myself as fearless, which is something that I feared to do. I don’t see myself as fearless, but in many ways I am. And I’m sure if you all think a little harder, there will have been a time when you too were fearless. Now I’m not saying you have had to have sky-dived, or swam with sharks. Simply to have overcome something that made you unsure or wary.
And soon, without even having done the most courageous thing, we are all fearless, we have all taken a GCSE we dreaded or performed on stage when we had butterflies, even gone to a new school where we didn’t know anyone; they’re all fearless acts and are achievements in their own ways.

So, perhaps, instead of looking to celebrities, or even your relations for people who inspire you to be fearless, you should look to your past self, look back at a time when you were fearless, when you were confident, when you showed courage and soon you will see that the person who inspires you is you.

Posted: 21/06/2018 at 14:02
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