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Young Enterprise Summary

Estella, Marie and Megan were chosen from the ‘YesPressi’ business to give a speech regarding their business at the West Kent Young Enterprise final. In their speech, they spoke about the products they produced and how they produced them. Their final produced products were phone cases and wrapping paper. They also discussed their sales figures, including how their company had made an overall profit of 50% and financial figures from throughout the year. Furthermore, they mentioned how market research affected their overall product and how they decided on their final pricing of each product. 
Alicia was the ‘achiever of the year’ selected by the YesPressi team. As achiever of the year, the team felt that her personality, skills and ability to communicate with others had improved the most during the experience. With this award from her team, Alicia was also interviewed at the West Kent Young Enterprise final. ‘I had an interview at the finals of young enterprise, for our Kent College Pembury business, ‘Yespressi’, as I was selected achiever of the year for our company. At the finals they asked me numerous questions about the process of young enterprise and how it has helped my personal development and skills.’ – Alicia 
As Yespressi had already submitted their business plan to the judges, they were all aware of the mission statement, financial situation and marketing strategies of the company therefore the judges didn’t inquire about those aspects of the business. The judges focused on having a general discussion about products and the process they had taken to develop the products. Afterwards, later judges were particularly interested in the phone cases product, and inquired about if they were perishable. This concluded the judging.

Posted: 03/04/2017 at 12:02
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